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The company implements its profesional solution to manage the security of the branch network and to comply with the Circular Básica Jurídica (C.E. 029/2014)

SCATI News - Thursday, 8 september, 2016

Developed in the 80s, this financial institution is characterized by working in different business areas. Its main goal is managing the security of the branch network, located in the most important cities in Colombia and also complying with the Circular Básica Jurídica (C.E. 029/2014). All this, saving at the same time operational costs.

To assure maximum protection against illicit actions, the financial company decides to create a recording platform. This way the video recorded in the branch network is being stored in a mass recording platform that provides maximum reliability and guarantees continuous operation of the system in the event of failure in any of its offices. It is equipped with multiple high-availability mechanisms that include server failure tolerance.

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Branch network (Colombia)

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