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SCATI installs its security video surveillance systems in one of the referral hospitals in Jamaica, with the goal of avoiding incidents and reducing the response time

SCATI News - Friday, 15 july, 2016

This hospital group is an international private network that takes care every year of more than 1 million patients and that has more than 1,000 hospital beds. The group has 16 centers for medical treatment and hospitals located in Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica.  
These centers are equipped with the latest technological developments in the field of medicine and management. That is the reason why they need the most innovative systems to guarantee the security of patients and employees.
This hospital, located in Jamaica, is a center of international reference that needs a video management system capable of preventing the facility of any event and reducing the response time, meaning that facility is safer. The different areas in which patients and companions freely circulate compose a heterogeneous collection of scenarios, with different and specific requirements and limitations.

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