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Big Data, the power of the information

Blog - Monday, 15 june, 2020

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has brought about a disruptive change in the security management. Specifically, the incorporation of technologies such as deeplearning in video surveillance systems is transforming the management model towards a predictive model where machines facilitate operator’s decision-making.

Cámaras sistema videovigilancia

CCTV systems have become intelligent, almost autonomous, and not only provide evidence of a past event for the user to verify a possible offense. Today they are able to predict behaviors, establish patterns, optimize processes, save costs and consequently improve the Return of Investment (ROI).

Business Intelligence tools offer useful information not only to the people in charge of the security department of a company, but also to other departments with the need of useful information to increase profitability of their business. Thus departments such as IT, sales or marketing, will have statistics and graphical reports of Big Data, helping them to extract conclusions.

The Technological Revolution in the security market

We are in the Forth Industrial Revolution (AI), the AI revolution. In the security market, and specifically in video surveillance, the "Digital Transformation" is reflected in the technological convergence that is transforming the security areas into managers of asset, physical and cybersecurity.

This Revolution is transforming the Security Department into a technological and vital area for companies. It is becoming a critical area for business that provides value thanks to the management of thousands of data obtained through cameras and other devices.

Video surveillance cameras

AI allows all departments of the company obtain centrally a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and a powerful tool to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and therefore maximize business profitability.

Thanks to the intelligent video systems, Security Directors can obtain centralized information about customers who enter a store, what days and times, know the moments of greatest influx and measure the impact of promotional campaigns. In short, the Security Departments become the business epicenter, and justifying the investment in technology is easily retrievable by other departments.

Video Business Intelligence

In this "new normality", we see how technology allows us creating "safe environments free of COVID" thanks to the incorporation of systems for measuring body temperature, real-time capacity control, social distancing and contactless access controls.

Video Business Intelligence tools such as SCATI RECKON centralize the reception of metadata from video surveillance systems and offer real-time information through graphs and reports, improving decision-making in any department.

Beyond security, CCTV systems are becoming the essential tool to monitor industrial, logistics and customer service processes, better allocate resources, measure the productivity of any operator and / or machine, the applications are endless.

It is clear that AI is here to stay since thanks to its use, reaction times are reduced, operations are streamlined and resources are optimized through quick and appropriate decision making at any time.

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