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Unaffected by network crashes during incidents and allows access to video in limited bandwidth conditions

SCATI News - Tuesday, 6 october, 2015

SCATI, a company specialised in comprehensive IP video solutions, has presented their clients with a new solution that guarantees access to video. Thanks to efficient management of available bandwidth, this new tool for the SCATI SUITE is unaffected by network crashes in the event of incidents when operators want to access the video. It also allows unlimited scaling of the system and guarantees access to video in limited bandwidth conditions, such as those found in on-board systems or ATMs. 
SCATI LINKER is an application that can reduce both the work load and bandwidth used by SCATI VISION when responding to simultaneous real-time requests from multiple users. This is done by centralising client video requests in SCATI VISION recorders, which are grouped and prioritised so the recorder receives the video requests in real time only once. It then transmits to multiple client applications simultaneously.
These are only some of the new features of the SCATI SUITE 5.0. version. This version guarantees real-time client access to video, and provides a greater number of video management options, thereby obtaining greater security and reliability in any installation.
These improvements to its recording platforms obtain higher scalability, resulting in cost reduction and greater investment optimisation. With all the management, monitoring, automated maintenance and alarm management tools at their fingertips SCATI clients can obtain complete and efficient operation of their security system.

SCATI LINKER, guaranteed access to video

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