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SCATI News - Friday, 9 october, 2020

The industrial and logistics sector is facing a digital transformation process where connectivity, immediacy and brand image are the key for being competitive.

However, what happens if a merchandise is lost and we lost the trust of our corporate clients?

Beyond security, video surveillance systems play a fundamental role in the supervision of industrial and logistics processes. They allow reducing incident resolution times by tracing operations with video, geolocation and monitoring of assets in a plant and supervising vehicle fleets. All this integrated into its management system.

Monitoring and recording of automatic processes

video surveillance cameras for manufacturing

We integrate your management system (WMS, ERP, SGA, etc.) with our CCTV systems to guarantee the traceability of all your merchandise and the total resolution of incidents in just seconds.

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Assets tracking in industrial and logistics plants.

assets tracking with video analytics

Using the video, the mobile assets are geolocated and tracked in real time. When an asset enter in any predefined area, an automatic warnings will be received.

We can measure and get statistics of the productivity, activity level, traveled distances, visited areas, identify bottlenecks and also get the average of staying time in an specific zone.

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View real-time images and recorded video of your vehicle fleet.

control your vehicle fleet

Know in real time the GPS position, the history of the routes and receive real-time warnings in case a vehicle deviates from the pre-established route, leaves its area of influence or exceeds the speed limits.

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Save costs and optimize your operational processes

video business intelligence for making-decisions

Get a unique dashboard which integrates your management systems with video, for a better decision-making in all departments of your company.

Anticipate the facts and improve efficiency and response times thanks to the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in your processes.

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Video Business Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in our systems makes them a transversal and necessary tool for any company.

The data, measurements and information from the video surveillance systems can be used by other areas of the company to optimize procedures, improve customer knowledge or increase business volume.

dasboard to making-decissions

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