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he Hospital invests in facial recognition systems and SCATI license plate reading that allows them to identify their patients upon arrival at the facilities to offer them the best patient service

SCATI News - Wednesday, 27 january, 2021

This hospital center has been at the top of the ranking of "Best Hospitals in Mexico" for a decade thanks to offering a first class healthcare service in state-of-the-art facilities.

In order to offer a differential treatment to its customers, the Hospital invests in facial recognition systems and SCATI license plate reading that allows them to identify their patients upon arrival at the facilities.


The main characteristic of a health complex is to have an open-door philosophy. Since no one can be denied access, an ideal condition can be created for unwelcome visitors.

face recognition in building access

Our facial recognition and license plate reading systems with deep learning technology help protect the main accesses, elevators, confined spaces, accesses to operating rooms and administrative offices and identify internal and maintenance personnel, collaborators and VIP clients.

Every time someone accesses the hospital facilities, the video systems detect it, send an alarm and compare the image with the database hosted in the video recorder, activating the corresponding action protocol automatically.

This facial recognition system makes it possible to maintain the security of the facilities and to help those in charge to offer a more exclusive attention to their best customers, improving the user experience.

The analysis of facial recognition is done through a video recorder series Deeplearning SCATI FENIX. This platform is capable of storing images from up to 64 IP cameras and perform facial recognition of up to 24 cameras simultaneously.

The facial recognition system helps to verify that the staff complies with the internal procedures and protocols of the institution and verifies the non-invasion of spaces exclusive to collaborators. In this way, hospital excellence is achieved.

Supporting the security area, the system has a face search option in the recorded video that allows the traceability of any person identifying those suspected of having committed a crime inside.

For this purpose, facial recognition cameras are strategically placed inside the buildings to capture the faces of all people entering the different areas of the complex, generating a database of thousands of people.

Parking Plate recognition

The system is fed with data continuously which facilitates the generation of reports to classify the influx of people according to gender, age or list in a time interval which allows the Hospital to have a tool for continuous improvement in customer service.

The security of the hospital is complemented by the installation of 6 mini-dome IP cameras that offer high image quality even in low light conditions thanks to their integrated infrared capable of covering up to 10 meters. Their discreet size makes them ideal for installation in these environments where the privacy and intimacy of your patients is paramount.

License plate reading cameras at vehicle access points are the perfect complement for identifying the trajectories and modus operandi of malicious personnel. It is therefore vital to keep the blacklists updated in both facial recognition and license plate reading in order to execute the corresponding action plan: quality control, improving the experience of VIP users or simply to dissuade the recurrence or intention of doing any type of illegal activity inside the health complex.


The SCATI video surveillance solution goes beyond security and incorporates the latest technology in facial recognition so that this Hospital Center can have a tool that continuously improves the care provided to its customers.

At the same time, this system allows to obtain relevant information about the people and vehicles that access the facilities allowing their classification by gender, age and in any time interval so that the Hospital can improve its processes and procedures and continue to maintain its business excellence.

With the implementation of SCATI technology, the quality processes, security and trust that we seek to place in health complexes jumps to the next level improving the user experience that greatly helps the image and reputation that goes hand in hand with the security environment that is required to help maintain a calm and trustworthy environment in any situation that requires the use of any health institution.

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