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The Spanish company has installed their video surveillance platforms in hotels located in the most popular tourist cities

SCATI News - Tuesday, 10 november, 2015

The leading hotel chains confide in SCATI, a manufacturer of IP video solutions, to install its video surveillance systems in their hotels. In 2015 alone, SCATI solutions have been installed in ten of the most important hotels in popular tourist cities such as Majorca, Ibiza, Granada, Milan, Jamaica, Cancún or Playa del Carmen. The Spanish company has installed more than 1,000 cameras and 100 recording platforms, thereby reinforcing its position in the hotel security market.
Thanks to its large portfolio of cameras to cover the various areas involved and its powerful recording platforms, SCATI has been able to offer its clients solutions that are perfectly integrated and guarantee a balance between aesthetics and architecture in the various hotels, as well as guest comfort and privacy.
The implementation of these exhaustive security measures in the facilities is also a deterrent for vandalism, theft, access to protected areas and claims for damages suffered by users in the event of incidents in the hotel facilities, which results in cost savings.
KRAKEN is one the solutions implemented in these type of facilities. The KRAKEN professional bulk recording platform allows efficient management of all the video information, while providing maximum reliability and availability.
In this case, the CCTV systems provide security managers of leading hotel chains with a powerful management tool that enables constant knowledge of facility and service statuses (events, cleanliness, quality, etc.). These systems are also capable of analysing the flow of people in each hotel area at any time and from any location with an internet connection. 
The SCATI video surveillance system not only provides these hotels with a powerful tool to prevent incidents, but also reduces response time to a minimum in the event of unexpected incidents, resulting in higher facility profitability. Not surprisingly, these facilities are comprised by a wide variety of areas through which there is unobstructed transit of people. This heterogeneous whole is actually formed by individual spaces, each of which require a careful selection of requirements and restrictions.
By installing the SCATI CCTV platform, these hotels strengthen their commitment to both the security and privacy of their customers, who will certainly consider the system as a guarantor of their well-being during the time spent in the hotel.

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