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SCATI News - Tuesday, 28 august, 2018

The branch of the future

Guarantee the security of your facilities, improve the satisfaction of your customers and increase the productivity of your banking agencies.

SCATI specialist in banking security incorporates Business Intelligence into its solutions for video to revolutionize the banking sector technologically.

The presence of intelligence systems allows knowing some information about the type of people who visit your agency (VIP clients, average age, sex, etc.) and the time that they remain.

To take decisions and adopt measures in real time, which prevent fraud, simplify operative managements and improve customers experience is possible thanks to the data and analytics the system offer.


Flexible video solutions designed for banking

Banks require platforms specifically designed for their security and fraud prevention, where thousands of devices coexist in a complex network and limited bandwidth. Therefore, they need a professional and specialized video solution that allows the centralized management of agencies, ATMs and facilities with the highest levels of cybersecurity and guarantees savings of resources and time.

With more than 50 clients in banking sector and more than 500 successful projects, SCATI offers the best management platform for banking environments, consolidating itself as the benchmark in the sector in Spain and Latin America.


Face recognition

Face Recognition

Video grabadores

People Counting

Conteo de personas

Queue Management

Queue management

Heat map

Heat map

Internal fraud prevention

Internal Fraud Prevention

External fraud prevention


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