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Part I. What is structured video analysis?

Blog - Monday, 9 september, 2019

Lately, we have been experiencing an increase in the processing power, which allows to execute more and more complex algorithms in shorter periods of time. This is a great advantage in video analysis, as calculations can be made by the processor of the graphic card, (GPU), making the unit processor (CPU) available for other tasks.

Thanks to this, algorithms that up to now were only used in the research field because of the long time needed to get results, now they have a practical application. One of this algorithms is based on the classification of objects detected in a video for its further forensic analysis, what is known as structured video analysis.

This algorithm has two differentiated parts, training and learning and analysis.

1. Training and learning

During the learning process, the algorithm is trained with samples of objects we want it to detect. For example, if we want it to distinguish different types of vehicles, it will be trained with samples of cars, motorbikes, vans, lorries, bicycles, etc. so that it learns to classify these objects. This is continuous learning thanks to the user’s interaction with the application, indicating if the algorithm has been right or not.

2. Analysis

When the algorithm has been appropriately trained, it is able to analyse videos in real time and mark by means of metadata the detected objects for further analysis. Thanks to indexing these metadata, searches among million data can be made almost instantaneously.

Application of the structured video analysis in the field of security

Power of this algorithm is given by its versatility, as it is able to classify any type of object, and, therefore, applicable to any sector. As a sample, it is able to classify persons by the colour and type of clothes they are wearing, being able to search women wearing blue skirts, white T-shirts and wearing sunglasses.


SCATI is continuously applying the latest technological developments for being exploited in the field of security. Thanks to the structured video analysis, we can provide our smart video analysis with more information.

Structured video: How to get the most out of your video system?

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