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SCATI News - Monday, 25 november, 2019

SCATI is committed to offering advanced video solutions for its customers and develops new functionalities to completely exploit its CCTV video system.

Increased power and new interface

In our search for improving the User Experience and offering more and more powerful video systems, our R&D department has developed and incorporated to our SCATI WATCHER a system able to decompress and display high resolution images by GPU.

This software development is based on an efficient painting technology allowing using fewer resources and consequently, making the best of the processor to make management easier and view more cameras at the same time or higher resolution images up to 12 Mpx.

To locate a camera in the searcher more rapidly, the cameras can be labelled in the configurator according to the user’s needs. It also allows displaying the information you want on the cameras (name of the video-recorder, date and time, image-display level of quality allowing to use less bandwidth, etc).

With version 6.6 individual snapshots can be made and even of all the cameras at the same time with improved image resolution.

All these functions that make video surveillance operators’ daily work easier are linked to a new, intuitive and simpler interface with the latest trends in graphic design.

Completely configurable and customisable, the new interface of the SCATI WATCHER real time window improves our Users’ Experience.

Managing facial recognition lists in Scati WATCHER

SCATI VISION version 6.6 features functions allowing for centralised management of faces, captured by the facial recognition systems.

From SCATI, photos and data of persons, which the facial recognition system will work with, are massively loaded and associated to lists. Then, these lists are distributed to the appropriate facial recognition cameras; all this, from a single point.

When a device detects a suspect, the facial recognition system recognises them, sends an alarm to the control centre automatically and activates the corresponding action protocol.

At business level, this system allows obtaining relevant information for decision-making in other business areas. Thanks to SCATI REKON, our users can obtain data on the type of customers, who are anonymously classified by the facial recognition systems (gender, age, etc.).

Centralised management of thousands of faces, generated by the facial recognition systems, allow our users to recognise possible offenders when going into their facilities and avoid their illegals actions.

With the highest cyber-security levels

At the forefront of technology, SCATI solutions are designed with the highest cyber-security levels.

That is the why all our video-recorders and customer applications feature current operating systems like Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18 (LTS distribution with extended support) to ensure that the appropriate security patches will be available when a new vulnerability or threat is detected.

In our commitment to comply with good security practices, SCATI removes all services or applications of the Operating System that are not strictly necessary for the operation of the recorder in order to reduce its vulnerability.

SCATI opts for video systems offering an added value for users. Consequently, SCATI develops advanced and smart solutions allowing the complete exploitation of its CCTV systems.

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