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The new corporate is located in the business heart of the Mexican country and its facilities have the latest video technologies to guarantee the building's comprehensive security.

SCATI News - Monday, 13 april, 2020


With 2,000 collaborators and almost a hundred financial centers, the entity is present in 23 states of Mexico.

A few months ago, they moved their headquarters to the Mexican capital and equipped them with the latest in video surveillance systems, facial recognition, vehicle license plate recognition, etc. with the aim of guaranteeing the integral security of the building.

From the new control center, the entity manages the security of its 100 bank agencies throughout the country.


To ensure the corporate building (indoors, outdoors, accesses, perimeter areas, etc.) more than 250 IP cameras are installed.

A hundred fixed mini-dome IP cameras are placed indoors offering great image quality thanks to their 2 Mpx (SEM-3511VR1-XYA2) and more than 50 fisheye cameras of up to 6 Mpx with indoor audio and video (SEM-3701NR -EAO).

The protection of the installation is completed with the installation of 16 IP Bullet cameras (SEC-3611NR-XMA2) that offer a high image quality of up to 4 Mpx even in low light conditions thanks to its integrated infrared illuminators and the installation of 12 fixed minidome IP cameras (SEM-3511NVR-X2) with 2 Mpx.


facial recognition in corporate buildings

The system recognizes employees and other people entering the building and automatically sends an alarm to the control center to activate the corresponding action protocol.

From FENIX, SCATI's professional video management system, images and data from people can be massively loaded.

This advanced video solution allows you to create, update and centrally manage multiple lists with thousands of faces.

Besides, it allows forensic searches by faces or names of employees (if previously have been registered) or any other person to obtain information and data on their accesses and exits from the building and even classify the influx of people by gender, age and / or list by time interval.


plate recognition in a parking

To control vehicle access and exits to the parking, 8 vehicle license plate recognition systems (SDL-3511VR-XYM2-LPR) are installed with an automatic barrier opening in case the system recognizes the license plate.

The solution allows consulting by date, time and / or license plate of any vehicle that accesses the facility, even allowing viewing an image of the moment it is accessed and even generating reports.



To cover the security of the perimeter area, 6 IP Dome PTZ cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) are installed, offering an image resolution of 2 Mpx and incorporating infrared illuminators capable of covering up to 150 meters away. With IP66 protection, these cameras are perfect for outdoor protection.


professional video recording system

To cover the security of the perimeter area, 6 IP Dome PTZ cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) are installed, offering an image resolution of 2 Mpx and incorporating infrared illuminators capable of covering up to 150 meters away. With IP66 protection, these cameras are perfect for outdoor protection.

Only 4 recording platforms are necessary to manage images from more than 250 cameras, one of them with built-in deeplearning technology.

For the management of conventional cameras, 3 recording platforms from the PRO SCATI FENIX range (FN9-1264-R16) are incorporated, capable of managing up to 64 channels each with resolutions of up to 12 Mpx and up to 128 TB of storage.

Management of facial recognition systems is done through a SCATI FENIX Deeplearning series video recorder (FN9i-1264-R16). These smart recording platforms incorporate facial recognition analytics from up to 24 devices simultaneously and manage tens of lists with hundreds of thousands of faces.

The centralized management of all systems is carried out through the SCATI FENIX ULTIMATE + Centralized Management System with the capacity to manage up to 3,000 cameras and up to 100 clients and with the capacity to bandwidth management.

The server has failover hardware and software redundancy to guarantee 24/7 system operation and resynchronization capacity in case of possible network outages.

Based on a client-server model, SCATI FENIX offers a system that manages, administers and executes security tasks on a daily basis.


For years, this financial entity has been investing in technology to equip its facilities with state-of-the-art video systems from SCATI.

SCATI solutions go one-step beyond security and incorporate the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, so that their clients have the most advanced video solutions.

As a specialist in designing solutions for bank security, SCATI offers the best set of tools for the massive management of recorders with guaranteed video availability and the best bandwidth management on the market, at the forefront of technology and with the highest levels cybersecurity.

SCATI's video systems incorporate deeplearning (AI) algorithms that provide valuable information for decision-making by financial institutions.

Thanks to the analysis of a large volume of data in real time, SCATI guarantees 100% exploitation of the video, improves processes and procedures and therefore maximizes the entity's benefits.

With the incorporation of this technology, this corporate is positioned as one of the most innovative and secure entities in Mexico.

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