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SCATI News - Tuesday, 21 april, 2020

SCATI PARCEL integrates the video with any existing management gear (ERP, Storage Management Systems, etc.) in order to guarantee the traceability of any good within the production lines, picking systems, etc. and solve every incidence by means of a quick straight visual checking of the recorded video related with a specific parcel.

With the aim of covering the demand from the Industry and Logistics, SCATI integrates SCATI PARCEL with the most avant-garde positioning system for indoors in order to track the continuous movement of every asset and good (forklifts, pallets, workers, etc.). With SCATI PARCEL PLUS, the video-security systems guarantee real time traceability of every good and asset with the maximum accuracy.

Seguimiento de activos sobre eje libre mediante sistema de vídeo. Assests tracking

Using the video, the mobile assets are located and tracked in real time and automatic warnings are received when assets enter in any predefined area.

How do SCATI solutions provide with immediate ROI? The system obtains and handles a huge amount of information (metadata). Thanks to this Big Data, a lot of information is gathered for every asset, so we can measure and get statistics of the productivity, activity level, traveled distances, visited areas, identify bottlenecks and also get the average of staying time in an specific zone. All this allows user to optimize the use of the warehouse and the fleet of vehicles, as well as to plan the processes in a more cost-efficient way in terms of workforce, materials and time.

All these improvements mean a grate revolution when it comes to supervise human resources, manage the operations of the business, optimize processes and improve procedures, thus we maximize the corporate profitability.

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