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Video Business Intelligence Solution

Video Business Intelligence Solution

The new age of intelligent video

In the IV Digital Revolution, the AI era (Artificial Intelligence), video surveillance systems take advantage of the synergy of two technologies: Deeplearning and Big Data, capable of offering valuable information for business decision-making, maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI).

SCATI video systems incorporate deeplearning algorithms (AI) are able to analyze customer’s behavior and provide relevant data to make business decisions.

On the other hand, thanks to Big Data, all this information is accumulated, analyzed, simplified and organized for decision-making by any department of the company: Marketing, HR, customer service, etc.

SCATI Reckon, Convierte tu sistema de video en una decision inteligente

To manage the large amount of data generated by multiple cameras and devices, SCATI has developed Reckon, a solution capable of simplifying and organizing it. It allows a clear interpretation of data, improving your decision-making at a business level.

Thanks to SCATI RECKON, the user is able to anticipate facts and decrease response time. That means better client knowledge, detect market trends, and understand and predict behaviors. As the system facilitates the knowledge of the user needs, their preferences and habits, the administrators are able to go a step further in the daily administration and operation of the security system.


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