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Cameras with intelligent analytics

Cameras with intelligent analytics


SCATI offers an extensive range of SCATI EYE cameras which can be adapted to all types of indoor and outdoor settings, including bank offices, scattered locations, critical facilities and many others; under a variety of formats: minidomes, bullet, box, PTZ, fisheye, pinhole, thermal and facial detection.

Developed with the latest technologies (H.264, H.264 ultra, H.265 and H.265 ultra-compression formats), our cameras offer the possibility of SD card recording.

Our SCATI EYE cameras are a great versatility of features capable of satisfying even the needs of the most critical security environments

With resolutions of up to 12 MPx and multiple streams, our cameras offer all kinds of functionalities: WDR (up to 140 DB), anti-fog, anti-corrosion, IK10 (anti-vandalism), and integrated infrared up to 150 meters.

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Intelligent analytics

Intelligent video analysis in SCATI EYE cameras provides a range of highly reliable and precise tools to detect a wide range of actions and events.

Working in perfect integration with other applications, the intelligent cameras provide a powerful set of tools for an intelligent approach to your facility's security. Events can trigger recording, pop-up windows in SCATI WATCHER, the sending of alarms to third parties and many other configurable actions.

These advanced algorithms can be integrated into a wide range of cameras, allowing for a distributed architecture in which the cameras perform the video analyses. This eliminates the need for dedicated processing servers, thereby minimising the likelihood of faults and cutting the costs of the surveillance system.

The analytics in SCATI EYE cameras allow to plate reading, intrusion, line crossing, abandoned object, stolen object, entry/exit area, scene change, face detection, counting, audio variation, video lost, blur, heat map, etc.

IP Cameras

SCATI EYE camera features are highly versatile and deigned to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding security environments. Camera resolutions of up to 8 MPx provide a wide range of functions: WDR (to balance backlighting and glare), high sensitivity, day/night mode, varifocal lens, PoE power, an advanced compression standard (H.264) and integrated infrared capabilities,among others.

With a resolution of up to 12 Mpx, these models can include low-light functionalities and WDR. Their excellent performance and compact size make them the ideal cameras for offering complete security in all kinds of circumstances.

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These camera types offer superior quality with a resolution of up to 4 Mpx and up to 120 dB WDR. Their low visual impact and easy installation make them the ideal cameras for meeting the most demanding surveillance needs.

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Their high positioning-speed enables these cameras to cover and expand areas, both indoors and outdoors, with great precision. With PoE, WDR and infrared up to 150 metres, these cameras are perfect for the perimeter protection of any facility in any weather conditions.

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The range of minidome cameras includes 120 dB WDR models which enable backlight compensation in environments where there is strong glare and/or backlight. Their elegant design and vandalism-proof housing make them perfect for discreet indoor video surveillance.

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Special Cámeras

Their capacity to cover extensive areas means that they can replace several standard cameras, thereby saving on costs and simplifying the installation of the CCTV system.

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With resolutions of up to 1.3 Mpx, Pinhole cameras capture every detail to ensure identification thanks to their 120 dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). Their small size makes them ideal for installation in areas that are difficult to access, such as ATMs and other types of covert surveillance.

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Their capacity to record images under any conditions: heavy rain, fog, dust, smoke, complete darkness, etc. make them perfect for professional surveillance in critical and outdoor infrastructures. These unique features, backed up by intelligent filters that detect vehicles, individuals, loitering, etc. make SCATI thermal cameras the ideal solution for perimeter protection applications.

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The FACE DETECTION MINIDOME camera is specifically designed for entrances and other environments where person identification is critical. With a 2 Megapixel sensor, 120 dB Wide Dynamic Range and an extremely low illumination, image quality is high even with backlighting or low-light conditions. It also incorporates an advanced face detection filter, which enables alarm and video recording triggering when the presence of a different person is detected and makes search in the recorded video easier.

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Its rugged housing, discreet size, easy installation allows it to be placed on the outside of the vehicle. It delivers superior image quality with a resolution of up to 2 Megapixel and digital WDR functionalities. It is capable of performing well even under low-light conditions, given its integrated IR illuminators.

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HD Analog cameras

HD analog cameras SCATI provide high quality video via coaxial cable , allowing a quick update image quality without having to replace existing wiring structure .



SCATI EYE encoders allow our customers to gradually migrate from their CCTV system to IP technology, since they allow for theintegration of their analogue cameras into a network-based video system.

These encoders convert analogue video signals into digital signals, making them completely compatible with the rest of the IP system.

SCATI also offers HD encoders that support resolutions up to 720p and 1080p.

HD encoders allow you to leverage existing cabling structure without losing image quality and benefits of network systems such as scalability and flexibility.




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