Migrate to IP technology

Migrate to IP technology


SCATI EYE encoders allow our customers to gradually migrate from their CCTV system to IP technology, since they allow for the integration of their analogue cameras into a network-based video system.

These encoders convert analogue video signals into digital signals, making them completely compatible with the rest of the IP system.

SCATI offers a wide range of encoders. From small, single-channel devices to racks with a capacity of up to 40 channels and high performance with redundancy. The entire range can be remotely managed via their web interface.

Advantages of network-based systems:

  • IP cameras with superior quality and the option of embedded intelligence
  • Remote accessibility and integration capabilities
  • Simplified and low-cost installation
  • Use of existing corporate networks
  • IP camera power supply via PoE: the same cable for video power and transmission
  • A scalable, modular and flexible system

Integrated video analytics

Implement intelligent video analytics in your analogue cameras thanks to SCATI EYE Intelligent encoders. Detect abandoned objects, loitering, movement, trajectory, camera tampering, intrusion, people tracking and counting, etc., while streamlining response times in the event of incidents thanks to automatic alarm transmission.


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