PRO CONTROL, Operation, Display and Control

PRO CONTROL, Operation, Display and Control

Operation, Display and Control

The FENIX PRO Control simplify the daily work of the users of a control center by providing multiple operative functionalities, such as realtime live viewing, PTZ control, video playback and download, alarm reception, monitoring the status of the system, etc. consulta de registros, monitorización del estado del sistema, etc.

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  • Real time, playback and downloads
  • Reception and management of alarms
  • E-map, PTZ control, 360 dewarping
  • Bidirectional and multi-screen audio
  • Option of Web access for the operator
  • Access from Smartphone/Tablet (IOS and Android)
  • Self-diagnosis of the system status
  • Metadata query (POS, etc.)
  • Complete system audit
  • Business Intelligence

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Other modules

FENIX PRO is composed of four modules, which perfectly integrated, guarantee the centralized management of the CCTV system.



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