Big Data Video

Big Data Video


KRAKEN is a professional mass recording platform designed for large security projects that require efficient management of high-density video data with maximum reliability and availability.

A scalable solution consisting of groups of powerful recording servers with up to 512 cameras and stackable cabinets for external video storage.

This modular architecture is ideal for centralised management of thousands of cameras with maximum efficiency, and surpasses current security project computing and bandwidth requirements.

KRAKEN provides maximum reliability and guarantees continuous operation of the system in the event of failure in any of its components. It is equipped with multiple high-availability mechanisms that include server failure tolerance, hardware redundancy in all its components and continuous monitoring of equipment status.

KRAKEN represents the new trend in large security projects by providing maximum performance and reliability along with significant cost reduction due to the lower number of necessary devices and savings in energy, space and maintenance. KRAKEN's versatile and flexible architecture brings Big Data to the world of security video recording.



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