Video solution for the traceability and tracking of packages

Video solution for the traceability and tracking of packages

SCATI PARCEL enables the traceability and tracking of goods thanks to the integration of any management and control system by the logistics operator with the video system.

This solution is particularly useful in the control of parcel services as part of automatic classification systems, enabling the traceability and tracking of the package.

Moreover, it enables obtaining the visual information associated with a picking station in the event of a possible customer complaint and, in short, using high definition video to check any operation area, which has a control station (scanner reading, gun scanner, etc.).

Thanks to SCATI PARCEL, the logistics centers meet a double objective: on the one hand having a security system, which acts as a powerful deterrent against crime and, in the event of occurring, provides easy access to recorded images associated with the goods. On the other hand, having a highly useful tool for Operations Management directed at the control of processes and the management of complaints.

Functional features

  • Comprehensive security of company facilities and assets, staff, machinery, vehicle fleet, etc.
  • Management of unknown shrinkage and the solution of incidents thanks to the visual control and monitoring of industrial / logistics processes
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) synchronization with CCTV
  • A multi-platform system given that it allows the management of dispersed plants from a single control center
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction thanks to incident resolution
monitorizacion proceso grabacion
Monitoring and recording of the automatic classification process
Sincronizacion SGA con CCTV
WMS synchronization with CCTV
Integracion mapas y planos en sistemas de video
Integration of maps for the resolution of incidents
Gestion centralizada plataformas
Centralized management of several logistic centers
Busqueda imagenes y video
Search for associated images and video
Seguridad integral instalaciones
Comprehensive security of the facilities

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