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Services tailored to your requirements

Services tailored to your requirements


SCATI offers its clients and partners customised services, making it possible to cover needs which are ever more widespread.

Our plans let us adapt to the specific requirements of each project and each client in any location around the world.


Basic cover and standard priority · Free

Specially designed to provide clients with all the tools needed to guarantee an effective response to any anomaly. Users are provided with the basic instruments to properly monitor the functioning of their system.

  • The company guarantees a basic service to respond to the client, including personal attention within our office opening hours (Mondays - Thursdays 9 am - 5.30 pm and Fridays 9 am - 2.30 pm) and direct phone contact with our Support department.
  • Users will learn how to smoothly operate the solutions that make up the SCATI video surveillance platform, helped by the guides and manuals that come with all the tools the company provides. A wide range of documentation is accessible at all times on the online platform.


Extra cover and high priority · Annual fee

Created for clients undergoing expansion, this service plan lets you ensure security at all times thanks to rapid incident resolution and efficient training channels.

  • Effective problem resolution is provided with guaranteed response times and priority treatment for repairs. Assistance 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, always provided in the client's own language.
  • As a guarantee of the investment made, SCATI provides access to any software version updates that correct bugs in the installed recorders.
  • Users have access to all of the tools necessary for corrective maintenance of the video surveillance system and are able to provide a first-level response using the knowledge acquired in the training channels.


Maximum cover and absolute priority · Annual fee

Ideal for large clients with the greatest demands in terms of security. This plan provides corrective and preventive maintenance procedures, guaranteeing not only the proper working of the platform but also optimal profitability of the system.

  • Users of the platform will be able to ensure optimisation of the security system thanks to training programmes which are customised to the company's solutions. Obtaining the certifications will imply optimal operation of the company's video surveillance systems.
  • SCATI will be close at hand with guidance for the client at all times. This goes so far as establishing a series of monitoring actions including the creation of monthly incident reports.
  • In the event of an incident, the Platinum level goes the extra yard by ensuring the recovery of video recordings and the remote connection. Furthermore, if a repair has to be made, SCATI guarantees express replacement equipment.

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