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Adapting to the "new normality" after COVID-19 requires that many facilities (banks, retail, hotels, restaurants, etc.) need solutions to manage real-time capacity and enforce social distancing.

Our video surveillance solutions incorporate deep learning algorithms allowing to know the number of people in an establishment and to track the occupation automatically.

SCATI COUNTER is the solution for real-time capacity management based on intelligent video technology.

People counting cameras

Real-time capacity management

SCATI smart video cameras have a double lens with 3D vision that allows measuring the height of a person, and allow two-way counting (entrances and exits). Even differentiating between adults, children and pets.

These cameras are able to cover up to 8 meters and detect if several people entry-exit at the same time.

Real-time capacity management.

Real-time capacity management

The SCATI VISION recorder manages the metadata from the people counting cameras, even in spaces where there are multiple accesses, guaranteeing full capacity control.

Through a monitor, located at the entrance of the establishment, both workers and employees can know the maximum capacity and the number of people there are at any time.

Up to three possible scenarios can be viewed on the monitor so that users know if they can access or should wait to enter the establishment.

In case of capacity is close to exceeding the maximum capacity allowed or if the occupation has reached the maximum capacity, a message will be shown in real time.

It is a completely configurable solution. The employees of the establishment can configure the opening time of each of its departments, indicate the previous threshold of a warning of exceeding capacity and even manually set the capacity. Also, all these parameters can be configured remotely from the SCATI WATCHER management software.

SCATI RECKON, the power of the data

Through the management software you can get daily, weekly or monthly reports of the capacity or about other metadata associated with other deeplearning cameras (body temperature measurement, facial recognition, heat maps, etc.).

Thanks to SCATI RECKON the user is able to anticipate events and decrease response time. That means better client knowledge, detect market trends, and understand and predict behaviors. As the system facilitates the knowledge of the user needs, their preferences and habits, the administrators are able to go a step further in the daily administration and operation of the security system.


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