BI Platform

BI Platform

RECKON is a solution capable of analyzing a large amount of data, apparently unrelated, generating correlated information, simplified and organized. It allows a clear interpretation of data, improving your decision-making at a business level.


  • Analysis of a huge amount of information from several origins (face recognition, people counting, LPR, Heat map, queue counting, business data, IoT).
  • Custom statistics. Data information in graphs, organized and matched.
  • Offers a clear data, that allows to the user anticipating situations and improving its actions.
  • It works out well for client knowledge, and for the business trends analysis.
  • Helps to understand and predict behaviours, to know needs, preferences and consumers habits.
  • Business improvement: Better services.Higher information and accuracy in the decision making situations.
  • Increase the company profitability.
  • Accelerate processes and improve the response times.




VISION is composed of seven modules, which perfectly integrated, guarantee the centralized management of the CCTV system.


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