Remote maintenance of the CCTV system

Remote maintenance of the CCTV system

Remote maintenance

SCATI ROUND. In facilities with a large number of video recorders it is essential to control recorder conditions from a central application. SCATI ROUND provides automated and remote maintenance of all the equipment, thereby facilitating preventive detection of errors in devices. It is also a key element in the management of a scalable system capable of programming mass operations on groups of recorders, such as configurations, updates, etc.

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Functional features

  • Preventive maintenance management
    • Remote  diagnosis of incidents 
    • Equipment status control at all times
  • Remote updating of the software in the entire pool of video recorders
  • Running tasks on video recorders
    • Time synchronization
    • Automatic mass downloads
  • Collection of all types of video recorder data
    • Location, HW, SW, errors, etc.
  • Web Interface
    • Searches and statistics
    • Generation of reports

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Other client aplications

SCATI VISION is composed of five client applications, which perfectly integrated, guaranteed the centralized management of the CCTV system.



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