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Multi-task video recording platforms

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SCATI VISION is a range of potent video recording platforms, when fully integrated with SCATI EYE cameras and the powerful SCATI control centre applications, the platforms provide a comprehensive video surveillance solution for any kind of security project.

SCATI VISION video recorders include powerful high performance and multitasking recording software, including advanced video analytics capabilities to meet the different needs of each type of installation.

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With compact size and up to 6TB storage, these recorders are aimed to small installations which do not require more than 16 analogue cameras or 4 MPx IP cameras.

N series  is the ideal platform for banking and its remote & off-site ATMs. With up to 1 TB of storage, it is capable of managing up to 4 FullHD cameras with full stability and record video by face detection event (in combination with the SCATI EYE IP cameras) or by transaction. 

Thanks to the pre-installed, pre-configured software, SCATI VISION allows for local management, monitoring, search and exporting of video from the powerful SCATI Control Centre applications to become an ideal scalable system for distributed facilities. 

Their highly compact format and efficient heat dissipation design (FANLESS technology), along with the absence of ventilation elements making them more silent and robust, make N series equipment the ideal solution for both ATMs and for remote and unattended locations. 

Easily installed in ATMs, their combined use with the SCATI CASH application means that images can be related to information on transactions, making it possible to detect fraudulent operations and manage complaints, and to integrate them into transaction monitoring systems.

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The SCATI VISION PRO range of video recorders is intended for clients who want to simplify the installation of the system and maximise their investment in security systems.

The D, H & Z series video recorders are compatible with the powerful video management tools in the SCATI Suite; therefore, remote management from a control centre is fully guaranteed, an indispensable requirement for security in multi-site installations.

D Series are video recorders with an integrated switch for 8 and 16 cameras. Their storage capacity of up to 18 TB make them the perfect choice for distributed installations, such as bank branches, service stations or retail stores.

H Series is SCATI's hybrid video recorder, capable of managing up to 8 megapixel IP cameras via its integrated PoE switch and 16 analogue cameras simultaneously with complete stability. Their versatility and storage capacity of up to 18 TB make them ideal for environments that require gradual migration to IP without the need to purchase additional devices (encoders, switches, etc.). 

The H Series opens the way for a technological jump into the IP world in installations such as hotels, shopping malls, bank branches and corporate buildings at guaranteed minimal expense.

Z series is able to manage up to 32 megapixel cameras with maximum performance and can be fitted with up to 16 TB of storage.

These recording platforms allow cameras to operate in a private, secure and physically isolated network with a single global IP address, thus facilitating network planning and offering complete autonomy to the security department. The switches may be connected in cascade, providing the system with high scalability and allowing the creation of subnetworks and complex network architectures, all with a global and unified system management. 

Without a doubt, SCATI's PRO product range meets the high demands of clients that need an advanced security solution so they can protect their assets, while using them to improve business efficiency, with a guaranteed return on investment.


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SCATI VISION Enterprise is capable of managing up to 32 megapixel cameras with complete stability and maximum performance.

X SERIES video recorders incorporate smart video analysis algorithms and can be fitted with up to 32 TB of storage with the possibility of RAID to provide redundancy to the system.

X SERIES introduce the concept of smart recording, since it offers multiple recording setup options: continuous, scheduled and triggered by external event or video analysis alarms (with configurable pre-recording time). In fact, it offers a configurable number of storage days to comply with legal requirements. The X800 Series is included in the range of high performance SCATI VISION recording platforms that require a powerful solution at a competitive cost, making these recorders a complete video surveillance solution for enterprise-class needs.

K SERIES are able to manage up to 32 megapixel IP cameras. Their hardware is carefully designed, configured and tested to maximize capabilities and ensure reliable operation. Deployment is quick and simple thanks to pre-installed and pre-configured software. SCATI VISION enables the management, monitoring, search and export of video, either locally at the recorder, or remotely via SCATI VISION WEB or SCATI Control Centre applications, providing an ideal scalable system for distributed facilities.

SCATI SCATI VISION ENTERPRISE is included in the range of high performance SCATI VISION recording platforms that require a powerful solution at a competitive cost, making these recorders a complete video surveillance solution for enterprise-class needs.

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For public transport or security projects requiring on-board equipment with specific certificates and communications integrated into the equipment itself, the FENIX PRO portfolio includes a series of on-board video recorders capable of managing up to 8 FullHD cameras.

These platforms offer powerful monitoring functions, including audio and video recording, 3G/4G/Wi-Fi transmission, GPS positioning (present and past) and secure data storage. In addition to all this, their special hardware design to absorb hard drive vibrations and quickly extract discs. 

The powerful SCATI FENIX PRO Mobile software offers live and recorded video from any vehicle and the possibility to locate it in a GIS (Geographic Information System) via satellite, recording information on its location and enabling users to establish routes (and diversion or excess speed alerts), calculate distances travelled and, in short, obtain not only a video system but a complete fleet control platform to secure the vehicles and operations of our clients.

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