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SCATI VISION is a powerful multi-task recording software that is completely integrated with SCATI EYE cameras and decoders and the powerful applications in the SCATI control centre, thus providing a complete video surveillance solution for any security project.

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Functional features

  • Maximum performance: simultaneous capture, recording, storage, system configuration, real time viewing and video recording and transmission to multiple customers in both Linux and Windows OS. Designed to guarantee maximum performance with the specified number of analogue and megapixel cameras. It also includes advanced image processing, camera anti-tampering measures, abandoned object detection, etc.
  • Reliability, an essential feature in critical mission video surveillance: SCATI VISION is equipped with a HeartBeat function that guarantees continuous operation and transmits its technical alarms in real time (overheating, hard disk condition, lack of space in disk, writing problems, uncontrolled reset, UPS, no camera signal, etc.). For absolute reliability, try out our high-availability severs, that guarantee system operation even in the event of server failure.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: SCATI VISION software is pre-installed and preconfigured in all SCATI recorders. It can be operated locally from a user-friendly web interface and is also accessible from mobile devices and/or control centre applications. Easy and effective equipment maintenance is guaranteed thanks to the centralised SCATI ROUND maintenance application, which checks the equipment periodically to detect any errors with sufficient time in advance.
  • Managing increasing video volume in your network: Recording with higher quality when an alarm is triggered or during a pre-established time period. Using the option of adapting transmitted image quality to the network's bandwidth. The transmission of images to the control centre will always be optimal thanks to joint operation with SCATI LINKER.
  • Forensic security: SCATI VISION's image processing tools and the option of associating external events to the video via physical ports provides its software with the capacity to perform advanced video searches, thereby saving operator time and streamlining investigations.



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