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SCATI VISION, the IP video solution for banking

SCATI VISION, the IP video solution for banking

SCATI VISION, the IP video solution for banking

SCATI VISION is the video management platform designed to meet banking security needs, companies that are highly regulated under strict security measures.

SCATI VISION is an open and flexible platform, that allows its adaption to any change in the market (local regulations, corporate policies and environment changes such us mergers.

SCATI VISION is robust and stable therefore availability of the video is always guaranteed.

This platform is a complete “end to end” solution and it is composed of intelligent and proactive tools for the control center that allow the mass management of video recorders with the best bandwidth management of the market.


  • Centralized mass management of an unlimited video recorders and cameras
  • Maximum bandwidth optimization
  • Advance video analytics and parametrized for banking environment
  • Video availability guaranteed
  • Intelligent self-diagnostic
  • UPS intelligent management
  • Local management for the agency through touch interface
  • Fraud prevention thanks to transactional monitoring (integrated ATM data)
  • Integration with multiple security systems

SCATI VISION - Management tools

SCATI WATCHER, Remote management
  • Interface intended for use by professional security operators
  • Viewing of images in real-time and recorded video
  • Remote configuration of recorders
  • Creating groups of cameras and recorders to facilitate management
  • Dewarping of 360º cameras
  • Reception and management of events and alarms, by groups and time schedules
  • Monitoring video matrices and video exportation
  • Maps & users management
SCATI WALL, Professional wall monitoring
  • Real time monitoring of any number of cameras associated with SCATI recorders
  • Management of scenarios, with the option of keyboard short-cuts
  • Creation of camera sequences
  • Reception of event and alarm images that can be associated with sounds and screens
  • Digital zoom for identification
  • Dewarping of 360º cameras
  • Integration of telemetry protocols: immediate PTZ operation
SCATI ROUND, Remote management
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Remote updating of the software in the entire pool of video recorders
  • Running tasks on video recorders: Time synchronization, Automatic mass downloads
  • Collection of all types of video recorder data: Location, HW, SW, errors, etc.
  • Web Interface
SCATI HUB,Advance alarm management
  • Centralized management of all the alarms
  • It can be integrated with in-house or third party alarm generators
  • Association of events and automatic actions
  • Alarm notification to operators
SCATI LINKER, Video distribution
  • Guarantees video service by prioritizing and grouping operator image requests to optimize available bandwidth.
  • Efficient management of available bandwidth in groups of devices
  • Reception, processing and compilation of customer connections
  • Collection and optimal storage of real time video requests
  • A single recorder can receive any number of video requests without collapsing the network
  • Scheduled video back-up when the equipment is in the appropriate network

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