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Your satisfaction is our priority

Your satisfaction is our priority


SCATI offers its clients a wide range of services that can guarantee the good health of your security systems. SCATI CARE SERVICES are corrective and preventive tools that assist the day-to-day running of your video surveillance system and make sure your CCTV solution is in the best possible condition.

We offer services tailored to your needs, enabling us to accompany you throughout the full project, from the conception and start-up through to the performance of preventive and corrective maintenance work.

With SCATI CARE SERVICES we not only offer you support services that can guarantee the perfect functioning of each and every one of your devices, we also provide the tools required to fully capitalise on your system.

As a result of these efforts we obtain the maximum advantage from systems in all types of security project, thanks to the extensive range of possibilities we offer.

Extensive range of services

Our services are custom-designed in accordance with the needs of each client and include features such as remote or on-site periodic preventive maintenance actions, training and certification, commissioning, detailed documentation for all products and 24/7 customer services.



Security departments in the current day and age have to carry out major corrective and preventive actions, to be able not only to react quickly to any type of event, but also to forestall potential incidents and thereby avoid unnecessary risks.

The services included in the SCATI CARE SERVICES plans help to save public and private entities millions of dollars through the preventive measures implemented in their security systems.

SCATI CARE services make it possible to:

  • Reduce response times for the resolution of incidents
  • Provide a speedier diagnosis
  • Stay in constant touch with clients
  • Ensure video availability
  • React quickly to any event
  • Provide users with the keys to preventive maintenance

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