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Comprehensive passenger, baggage and merchandise security

Comprehensive passenger, baggage and merchandise security

Airports and Ports

Commercial and freight airports and ports throughout the world receive millions of people and move tonnes of merchandise every day. The security measures that have to be implemented in these facilities, which consist of a variety of dispersed buildings and areas, are quite strict. What is in play is not only economic profitability but also the life of individuals.

The security requirements in this type of environment are designed according to various levels, all of which take into account prevention as a fundamental factor.

The proper operation of these facilities must count on impeccable local and remote operation and management of an unlimited pool of video recorders. The result: integration with access control systems, intelligent video detection, active monitoring of alarms and real time recording by high-definition cameras distributed in hangars, terminals or baggage transport facilities, among others.




  • Use of video for the management and control of all types of alarms generated in the facility by means of video
  • Increase in security for passengers, baggage and merchandise
  • Reduction in economic losses and poor image deriving from fraudulent claims
  • Pro-active monitoring of security systems to obtain comprehensive management of potential risks and facilitate incident investigation
  • A scalable solution that allows system expansion with the evolving security needs of the installation.









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