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Fraud prevention in ATMs

Fraud prevention in ATMs


"From the point of view of preventive security, the SCATI solution enables activating more automatic processes in the event of detecting suspicious behaviour at any of our ATMs. This has allowed us to achieve a very considerable reduction in the number of frauds committed in the institution."
Martha Leuro, Manager for Fraud Management and Security BBVA Colombia.


Hybrid and IP recording platforms whose Fanless technology and small size provide maximum reliability in environments such as ATMs. Their optional integration with the transaction data using SCATI CASH constitutes a powerful tool in fraud prevention.
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With up to 1.3 Mpx, these discreet cameras capture images with excellent sharpness and enable the facial detection of their users. Their small dimensions mean they can be installed in the actual ATM. They include WDR functionalities, backlight compensation, DC 12V/PoE power supply.
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VMS platform

Powerful control centre tools which enable the automated maintenance of the branch network (SCATI ROUND), guaranteeing the availability of video for an optimisation of the available bandwidth at all times (SCATI LINKER). The SCATI control centre tools facilitate active monitoring (SCATI WATCHER) and the comprehensive management of alarms (SCATI HUB)
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SCATI CASH  is the specific solution for ATMs which, integrated with transactions, enables improved management in the traceability of operations by associating them with the video. It verifies that ATM users are following the correct procedures' and their associated cards and detects fraud in real time, activating the existing action protocols.
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IVA, advanced functionalities

The SCATI systems offer advanced functionalities such as tampering, sabotage detection in the ATM camera and facial detection to minimise fraud in ATMs.


The SCATI philosophy is based on offering complete video surveillance solutions and includes a wide range of services to assist in day-to-day operations, in the deployment of your installation and the implementation of any customised features required by your video system and that guarantees the 100% operation of the system.
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