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+USD 100 million

saving for our clients

We guarantee

a return on investment

With more than 50 clients in banking, SCATI, manufacturer of video management systems, is consolidating itself as a reference in offering comprehensive solutions in video-surveillance in Spain and Latin America for financial institutions.

SCATI has evolved by virtue of the exacting demands in banking security, a sector which requires solutions which enable it to fight fraud and other criminal activities. The proposed security solution guarantees saving millions of dollars and a return on the investment made.

Our differential value? Offering our clients a comprehensive and specialised security platform which can be adapted to the specific requirements of each bank, and to the demands and regulations of the environment (standards and legislation, corporate changes, etc.).

The SCATI philosophy is based on offering complete video surveillance solutions, and includes a wide range of services to assist in day-to-day operations, the deployment of your installation and any customised features that your video system may require.


Financial institutions are currently pursuing proactive solutions which allow them to save on costs and achieve a maximum return on the investments made. To this end, they need to rely on a committed manufacturer with whom the bank can tackle future challenges.

The specialised SCATI solution enables institutions to save millions of dollars thanks to thereduction in the response times to robberies and other serious incidents.



The SCATI platform enables managing and monitoring the entire network of branches and ATMs in real time; as such, the most important financial institutions have their security requirements met by SCATI, a company with vast experience in the implementation of large-scale security projects.

Branch network

Discover the complete SCATI solution based on cameras which offer excellent image quality, hybrid recording platforms and  powerful control centre tools which enable the comprehensive, centralised and intelligent management of the network of branches and ATMs.

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ATM fraud

Integrated with transactional monitoring systems, the SCATI solution enables preventing fraud and raising the alarm in the event of physical aggression and sabotage at ATMs in real time. Discover how your institution can save millions of dollars

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Discover the SCATI proposal for the comprehensive management of large-scale security projects. This solution is rounded off with cameras which offer excellent image quality, platforms for mass data recording, intelligent devices (counting and perimeter protection) and integration with other security systems such as access control, fires, licence plates, etc.

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  • Reducing fraud claims and in real time thanks to:
    • A reduction in claims through video verification in real time
    • A reduction in the staff required to monitor transactions and video
    • The detection of fraud habits in order to develop corrective measures
    • Integration with transactional monitoring systems using an alarm system
    • Integration with intercom systems in order to broadcast pre-recorded messages and to deter criminal acts
  • An improvement in the brand image
    • Strengthening the bank's security image, criminals perform fewer attacks on financial institutions with more sophisticated security systems
    • An increase in client confidence
  • The adaptation of the security systems already in use to changes in the environment and / or corporate changes, making use of the existing infrastructure
    • Technological changes
      • The migration analogue technology to IP
      • Pre-existing ticketing systems and others
      • Licence plate reading systems, etc.
      • Transactional monitoring systems
    • Legal changes
      • Personal Data Protection Act (Spain)
      • Seproban (Mexico)
      • Circular Básica Jurídica (C.E. 029/14) in Financial Institutions (Colombia)
      • Communications A-5120 and A-5136 (Argentina)
      • Decree 222 (Chile)
    • Corporate changes
      • Mergers between banks
      • Growth of the institution and increase in the number of branches / ATMs

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