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SCATI, banking security specialists

SCATI, banking security specialists
IP Video platform for banking

IP Video Solutions for banking

With more than 50 clients in banking, SCATI, manufacturer of video management systems, is consolidating itself as a reference in offering comprehensive solutions in video-surveillance in Spain and Latin America for financial institutions.

SCATI provides the best combination of tools for mass management of recorders with guaranteed video availability and the best bandwidth management in the market.

SCATI VISION, The IP Video Solution for banking

VISION is the IP video solution developed by SCATI for banking.

Capable of adapting to the specific requirements of each organization and to the demands and regulations of its environment (regulations, laws in each country, corporate changes, etc.), SCATI’s IP video platform can manage complex networks in which thousands of teams share a limited bandwidth.

Easy to configure and set up, SCATI VISION is an open and flexible IP platform that can be integrated into any solutions provider and allows for future expansions and updates. More information...

Banking of the future. Video Business Intelligence

Comprehensive IP Video Platform for banking

The confidence that important financial organizations have placed in SCATI for more than 20 years has allowed us to unlock the door to proactive solutions, which provide added value thanks to the use of video.

SCATI’s video systems incorporate deep learning (AI) algorithms, which provide valuable information for decision-making in financial organizations.

Thanks to the real-time analysis of large volumes of data, SCATI ensures that video capabilities are used to their maximum potential while improving processes and procedures and thus maximizing the benefits for the organization.

These advanced video tools can detect trends and the behaviour of clients in agencies and/or fraudulent behaviour on ATMs, with the aim of reducing fraud and unlawful acts and therefore maximizing corporate profitability.

Why choose SCATI?

Fraud prevention and business support:

  • Save on admin time and resources.
  • Identify potential process optimizations thanks to video capabilities.
  • Preventative approach. More than a security tool.
  • Proactive solution. Return on investment
Flexivel IP video platform

Exclusive technology:

  • Flexibility to adapt solutions.
  • Direct contact with the factory.

Change management:

  • Flexible solution open to future changes.
  • Ongoing consultancy and support for the project lifetime.
  • Local regulations: SEPROBAN, GDPR, Circular 052, etc.
  • Company policies: IT and operational security

Specialists in banking security:

  • More than 20 years of experience.
  • More than 50 clients in the banking industry.
  • More than 500 projects carried out.

Solutions adapted to each scenario

Financial organizations possess very heterogeneous facilities, which is why it is necessary to get to know the specific requirements of each organization in order to provide an adapted solution, which ensures maximum protection from unlawful activity and can produce alerts in real time in the event of such activity.

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