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The details make the difference

The details make the difference


The casinos sector is highly regulated due to the large amount of cash involved and the information they manage. Therefore, they require efficient tools for comprehensive and simplified management of the security in their facilities.

The SCATI solution for these environments combines HD cameras (High Definition) and advanced video analytics, with powerful recording and management systems that provide high availability and high image resolution. The result: the identification of individuals and/or game details.

The solution, which includes advanced monitoring features, makes it possible to access video recorded recently by any of the cameras in the facility. Viewing can be frame-by-frame and/or by continuous playing, allowing users to replay the scene that occurred moments beforehand. It also offers the option of ROI (Region OF Interest) digital zoom on the scene to view all its elements in full detail and in real time.




  • Allows viewing recently recorded video and digital zooming to check on suspicious behaviour (30", 60", 90")
  • Comprehensive management of all the security elements in the facility from a single control centre
  • High image quality and availability of images based on IP technology
  • Reduced time delay in video viewing
  • A flexible and open system that can be integrated with other access control, alarm, game table control systems, etc.

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