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"The hybrid video management solution provided by SCATI enables a scaled migration to the IP system using existing cameras without overdimensioning the recording equipment, as is usually the case in those cases managing IP and analogue cameras at the same time" comments Ángel Cano, Managing Director of Ibersegur and adds: "Furthermore, this solution offers marvellous integration options with other systems in the building, such as access control and intrusion detection which facilitates security management from the one control centre."


Professional mass recording aimed at large-scale security projects. A scalable solution comprised of groups of powerful recording servers with up to 512 cameras and stackable cabinets for external video storage. They have high availability and hardware redundancy.
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SCATI EYE, special cameras

SCATI offers a vast portfolio of cameras to cover the requirements of each installation: domes with auto tracking, thermal, intelligent, etc. covering a wide range of options.
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VMS platform

Powerful control centre tools which enable the automated maintenance of the branch network (SCATI ROUND), guaranteeing the availability of video for an optimisation of the available bandwidth at all times (SCATI LINKER). The SCATI control centre tools facilitate active monitoring (SCATI WATCHER) and the comprehensive management of alarms (SCATI HUB)
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Integration with other systems

SCATI offers a video platform which enables integration with other third-party systems (transactional monitoring systems, alarm panels, ATM signals, ARCs, accesses, etc.) with the objective of offering the client an all-round security solution.

Intelligent video analysis

The SCATI solution offers a multitude of filters for advanced embedded video analytics which enables detecting intrusions, incidents and avoiding unauthorised handling thanks to the diagnosis of the integrated video quality. Discover all the analytics that SCATI provides you with in its products and servers dedicated to intensive video analysis.


The SCATI philosophy is based on offering complete video surveillance solutions and includes a wide range of services to assist in day-to-day operations, in the deployment of your installation and the implementation of any customised features required by your video system and that guarantees the 100% operation of the system.
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