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Respond to any incident in real time

Respond to any incident in real time


Guaranteeing security in stadiums is a difficult challenge. These are versatile facilities used for different types of events (football matches, concerts, etc.), each with different security requirements and all of which involve a large number of participants in constant movement.

An integrated security system is necessary to guarantee the well-being and comfort of all the public in attendance and to comply with the strict regulations that govern building automation, communications, safety and protection. An open-ended solution that combines the various security elements needed for complete protection and is also flexible and scalable so it can adapt to any changes required in the future.

SCATI offers a wide range of cameras to cover the various video surveillance needs (accesses, playing field, stands, etc.). Therefore, the cameras installed in these types of facilities offer high image resolution and include features such as high-speed PTZ and advanced image processing for the detection of abandoned objects, intruders, tampering, etc. These features include the option of high-quality, detailed zoom for distant objects that enables you to anticipate unexpected events and guarantee the comprehensive security of the facility and the people in it.




  • Increased security for spectators and facility employees thanks to preventing and reacting to suspicious behaviour, fires, fights, etc.
  • Reduction in economic and image-related damages by drastically diminishing all types of violent behaviour
  • Rapid response to incidents, thereby reducing their impact
  • Management and control of hundreds of cameras with high resolution from a single local and remote control centre

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