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Control your facility 24/7

Control your facility 24/7

Petrol stations

These installations are frequently unattended and require security systems 24/7 that guarantee proper operation and prevent incidents from occurring, whether during the day or at night. The implementation of security systems in petrol or service stations, shops and fuel pumps reduces the risk of theft and increases customer and worker well being.

The SCATI video surveillance solution for petrol stations is complemented by a powerful licence plate reading system,integrated with the video, thus offering a powerful tool for the comprehensive security management of the facility. The system can be used to generate white lists or black lists, view images in real time and in recorded video and perform searches by licence numbers and/or date and time to forestall possible fraud attempts and prevent economic losses.




  • Management and control of cameras in unattended facilities with complete security 24/7
  • A comprehensive security solution that reinforces the CCTV system with a licence plate reading system
  • Prevents robberies and fraud in self-service stations where employees are not available for the proper operation of the facility
  • Security management of multiple service stations /petrol stations from a single control centre

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