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Incident resolution in real time

Incident resolution in real time


SCATI offers an advanced security solution for logistics and picking centres. The solution consists of a system for package control and tracking all the way to customer delivery, plus a comprehensive video surveillance system for infrastructure, merchandise, vehicle fleets and personnel to guarantee service quality.

SCATI PARCEL is especially useful for controlling parcels in automatic classification systems, making it possible to trace and monitor the merchandise. It allows customised merchandise queries by shipment number, delivery note, licence plate, date and time, etc.)

The solution can be reinforced with SCATI VISION MOBILE on-board systems that record and manage video in real time and provide remote access to vehicle fleets, for control beyond the distribution platform, up to the point of delivery.

This application allows logistics centres to achieve two goals. Firstly, the system acts as a strong deterrent against theft . Secondly, if theft is detected, it facilitates the search for the specific parcel instantly.




  • Comprehensive security of facilities and company assets: personnel, machinery, vehicle fleet, etc.
  • Management of unknown shrinkage and solution of incidents thanks to visual control an monitoring of industrial/logistics processes
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) synchronisation with CCTV.
  • A multi-platform system for the management of dispersed plants from a single control centre
  • Improves customer satisfaction thanks to incident resolution



Centros de distribución

Distribution centres

Vehículos de reparto

Delivery vehicles





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