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Prevent Unknown shrinkage

Prevent Unknown shrinkage


Retail faces day-to-day losses that directly affect stores' profitability and lead to significant harm to inventory; the causes are theft, unknown shrinkage and fraudulent claims.

In order to prevent such criminal activity, SCATI offers an integrated security system that provides users (private security guards, managers, etc.) with a simple platform that enables local management of the images recorded. This is a security solution that also makes it possible to manage different premises belonging to the same chain from one single control centre.

The video systems not only detect suspicious patterns for the prevention of theft, but have also become the perfect tool for analysing customer behaviour, and as such for evaluating the efficacy of marketing campaigns. The video surveillance platform goes one step further and can offer reports that facilitate the daily management of other departments in your company, such as marketing, operations and human resources. This means that it is no longer just the local head of security who makes use of videos, and as a result the video surveillance system becomes a very meaningful investment.

Specific solutions



  • Cuts in financial losses resulting from theft and administrative errors
  • Improved company image thanks to efficient management of fraudulent claims
  • Integrated and centralised management of systems such as CCTV, intrusion detection and people counters throughout your chain of stores
  • Tool for market research and analysis of users' behaviour




Specific cameras for entrances, with WDR for backlight and a high quality that captures detailed images of the faces of people entering and the merchandise.

Direction filters in the camera which detect if someone is entering through the exit or leaving through the entrance.

Integration with EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance), starting the recording and sending an alarm to the control centre each time an alarm is activated.

People counting, which provides statistics on occupancy by time of day, day of the week, etc. This lets you analyse purchasing habits, etc.

Compact recorders that can be located almost anywhere.

Shelves and aisles

Discreet, high quality cameras: detect suspicious activity, shoplifting and thefts by staff with high-definition video surveillance.

360° camera: provides coverage of large areas in clothing stores or shopping centres.

Video analytics with heat maps uses colours to show the areas with most movement. It lets you optimise the distribution of merchandise and learn about the needs, preferences and habits of the segment or customer, etc.

Compact recorders that can be located almost anywhere.


Integration with POS: linking between transactions and recording, allowing for efficient video searches. Very useful for self-checkout machines.

High-quality cameras with up to 60 fps to capture cash movements in detail.

Queue analytics enable business intelligence analysis of waiting time statistics, to assess the workload and the need for additional personnel.

Compact recorders that can be located almost anywhere.




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