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Supervise industrial processes using video

Supervise industrial processes using video

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The SCATI solution offers added value in business management and improves industrial performance by monitoring industrial processes. Viewing and monitoring technology can be used for immediate or forensic identification of system defects or faults and therefore reduce their cost.

On-site production process traceability can be enhanced by remote management or supervision from any other location to provide the company with a differential value versus its competitors.

As an example, solar and/or wind farms are typically unsupervised facilities located far from population centres and susceptible to intruders, theft of panels or parts or damage to the installations due to vandalism or environmental conditions.

These events significantly increase the cost of the initial investment. The added expense is generally attributed to the replacement or repair of materials and the loss of electricity production during these tasks. 




  • Robust cameras that can be installed in locations subject to the most adverse conditions
  • Improvements in productivity through real-time remote control of production processes by authorised personnel
  • Detection of incidents and immediate correction
  • Increased security of unattended facilities thanks to advanced alarm management in the event of intrusion, vandalism, etc., that reduces the rate of false alarms
  • A video solution that is scalable in the case of future requirements and open to integration with other productivity control systems





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