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Respond quickly to any incident

Respond quickly to any incident

Public Safety

SCATI video surveillance systems provide a flexible and scalable solution that can adapt to the growth and development of urban environments.

The SCATI solution offers centralised city safety management from a control centre that monitors public roadways, critical installations and city traffic, as well as mobile supervision systems to control demonstrations and other specific events.

SCATI VISION is equipped with powerful mass storage systems for thousands of cameras with high availability, run on powerful hardware platforms. This type of solution is specifically designed to be operated in CPD´s.

The cameras are designed to be used in these types of environments, subject to constantly changing weather conditions, while providing high availability and high image resolution to clarify events. Moreover, the use of IP technology and optimised compression formats significantly reduce installation costs andtake full advantage of the available bandwidth.

The key is the availability of advanced video management to be able to monitor thousands of cameras spread out over large areas and generate a fast response to any incident that may occur.




  • Increase in safety for citizens and infrastructure
  • Rapid response to incidents, thus reducing their impact
  • Improvement in the city's image
  • Urban traffic control by automatic license plate reading



Ciudad CCTV Fijo

Fixed City CCTV

Patrullas CCTV Móvil

Mobile CCTV Patrols



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