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Monitor thousands of cameras in movement

Monitor thousands of cameras in movement


The SCATI solution for on-board environments provides easy video management for railways, trams, metros and bus fleets. It provides active monitoring of thousands of cameras and video recorders in movement. The high image resolution and stability of the cameras installed in these types of environments provide ideal identification of the offence. These cameras and recording equipment comply with strict certified quality standards.

For public transport or security projects requiring on-board equipment with specific certificates and communications integrated into the equipment itself, the FENIX PRO portfolio includes a series of on-board video recorders capable of managing up to 8 FullHD cameras.

These platforms offer powerful monitoring functions, including audio and video recording, 3G/4G/Wi-Fi transmission, GPS positioning (present and past) and secure data storage. In addition to all this, their special hardware design to absorb hard drive vibrations and quickly extract discs. 

The powerful SCATI FENIX PRO Mobile software offers live and recorded video from any vehicle and the possibility to locate it in a GIS (Geographic Information System) via satellite, recording information on its location and enabling users to establish routes (and diversion or excess speed alerts), calculate distances travelled and, in short, obtain not only a video system but a complete fleet control platform to secure the vehicles and operations of our clients.

The Public Transport Management Centre is used to configure alarm notification, associated video recordings and their management to resolve any incidents that may have occurred.

Lastly, the powerful tools in SCATI SUITE can be used to actively monitor all the video recorders and cameras installed, enabling proper preventive and corrective maintenance by authorised operators.




  • Increase in passenger and employee safety in transport mediums and vehicles
  • Reduction in economic losses and poor image deriving from fraudulent claims
  • Adaptability to project components, such as the existing pool of cameras and integration with other security systems and "human-machine interfaces" (HMI)
  • Pro-active monitoring of security subsystems to obtain comprehensive management of potential risks















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