Boost situational awareness of your video surveillance system with intelligent video analytics


Video analytics, especially those powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning (deeplearning), are revolutionizing both security and business intelligence.

SCATI ANALYTICS represents one of the most advanced solutions in the field, offering a comprehensive set of tools that enable security professionals and business analysts to obtain valuable real-time information from their video surveillance camera images.

SCATI ANALYTICS transports you to a more efficient management of safety and operations, resulting in a significant reduction of operational costs. By minimizing false alarms and customizing alerts and events, companies can ensure that resources are used in the most effective way, improving incident response and optimizing operational management.

This innovative solution not only significantly improves security but also opens up a new horizon in business intelligence, allowing end users to anticipate events and act on a solid, real-time information base. By incorporating SCATI ANALYTICS, organizations not only protect their assets but also optimize their operations and business strategies, positioning themselves one step ahead in critical decision making.


At SCATI we understand that the effectiveness of a video surveillance system is measured by its ability to adapt to different scenarios. Therefore, we offer both on-the-edge (directly on the cameras) and server-based video analytics, providing unprecedented flexibility.

On-the-edge analytics enable immediate response to events in real time, optimizing incident response capabilities. On the other hand, server analytics specializes in the processing and analysis of exhaustive data, ideal for situations that demand a higher level of detail and precision.

This architectural duality ensures that, regardless of the specific needs of each project, SCATI is able to offer you an integrated solution that combines the best of both worlds: the speed of local detection with the power of centralized analysis.

SCATI EYE Intelligent Series cameras provide the ability to bring all the work of intelligent video analysis to the edge, avoiding the placement of additional servers and isolating themselves from possible network unavailability.
With options such as facial recognition, license plate reading, waiting time measurement, heat mapping or people counting, we make advanced functionalities accessible to all users.
In addition to being able to generate real-time alerts, they generate metadata to be exploited by our Business Intelligence solutions.

Complementing our in-camera video analytics, SCATI ANALYTICS is based on server-based video analytics that offer superior processing power and accuracy, making them ideal for complex, long-term analysis.

Ideal for those projects where you have a legacy of cameras that you want to maintain or for those scenarios where you need a plus thanks to a powerful analytics engine based on AI, allowing you to use its different licenses in a floating way over the entire fleet of cameras, without the need for an analytic to be permanently associated to a specific camera.

Available analytics

SCATI ANALYTICS offers a wide range of advanced analytics, adapting to the most dynamic needs of security and business intelligence.
Our powerful algorithms provide exceptional capabilities to your video surveillance platform, as they are designed to reduce the number of false alarms and generate that metadata that is then presented as valuable information to the user through dashboards.



Thanks to an optimized use of the processing capabilities of your GPUs, our SCATI VSMART image analysis servers allow you to analyze the video stream of any camera on your platform, from small installations with few units to large complexes. The key to its efficiency lies in its ability to adapt to the volume of processing required, adjusting performance according to the hardware chosen. This means that regardless of the number of cameras in your installation, the servers can be configured to maximize both data processing efficiency and analysis accuracy.

With a user interface adapted to the most common operations of technicians, they allow configuration both locally and remotely, to facilitate commissioning.
In addition, the scalability of these systems ensures that as the needs to apply video analytics grow in an organization, the server infrastructure can expand and adapt, ensuring that video processing remains fast, efficient and, above all, intelligent.



Security and business benefits

Cloud video recording solution
Cloud video recording solution

In the field of security, the advanced video analytics available in SCATI ANALYTICS transform passive video surveillance systems into proactive management tools. These systems can perform real-time monitoring, detect intrusions, identify suspicious behavior and classify objects with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. The ability to filter and process events based on complex rules allows operators to focus on the alerts that really matter, significantly reducing false alarms and optimizing security resources. Advanced object classification and tracking facilitates early detection of potential threats, enabling rapid response before incidents materialize. This not only improves overall safety, but also contributes to a safer environment for employees and customers alike.

Beyond security, SCATY ANALYTICS offers immense added value in the field of business intelligence. By analyzing movement patterns and behavior, companies can gain insight into customer behavior, operational efficiency and much more. For example, tracking and classifying people and vehicles can reveal traffic patterns within a retail space, which in turn can inform decisions about store design, product placement and promotions.
For sectors such as Retail, video analytics can be used to understand your customers and their shopping patterns as well as for the detection of specific behaviors, such as queue formation or dwell time in specific areas, helping to improve the customer experience by identifying areas for improvement in service or space allocation.

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