Find out which areas are the busiest

Retail Heat Maps

Heat mapping system for establishments


Physical stores have become a meeting point with customers. Knowing their behaviors and establishing patterns is vital for business survival.

By means of heat maps, managers can find out the busiest areas of an establishment thanks to a graphical representation by colours. They will thus be able to make decisions to optimize the arrangement of products at the point of sale or the human resources allocated and thus maximize profitability per square meter.

The use of heat maps can be done following two criteria: according to traffic, showing the areas through which customers pass to know if the design and layout of the establishment is adequate; and according to the activity, indicating the specific points where more customers have stopped to look at the products.

Beyond security, SCATI’s video systems will allow you to obtain information about your customers or to know which products or promotions are more attractive.

Do you want to maximize the profitability of your business and protect it with a single solution?

Other solutions


The video systems detect if a queue exceeds the desired number of people or the maximum waiting time, and send an alarm so that the store reacts and minimizes waiting times by opening a cash register automatically.


The video systems detect if a queue exceeds the desired number of people or the maximum waiting time and send an alarm so that the store reacts and minimizes waiting times by opening a cash register automatically.


Know the number of people entering and leaving, identify peak times, track automatic occupancy and improve action protocols according to your needs.

360º Security

Protect large areas and know the behavior of your customers with a single 360º camera.

Enhancement of commercial areas

Take advantage of the information of the areas with the highest traffic and concentration of the store to place, in a prominent way, the most popular products in the “hot zones”.

Improved user experience

By having detailed information, it is possible to offer customers the products exactly where they want to find them.

Open, comprehensive and scalable

Manage multiple systems under a single video solution and add devices as your needs grow.

Centralized and remote management

Manage security and information for as many establishments as you want. Establish comparisons.

Business Intelligence

Your system will collect the information associated with the average time of permanence, or the hours and days of maximum affluence by areas. Data that will facilitate subsequent decision making.

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Intelligent video surveillance solutions for Retail 4.0

Intelligent video surveillance solutions for Retail 4.0

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case studies


Optimisation of product positioning

Store owners can use technology to understand the types of products that are most popular in stores and where the hot spots are to increase the likelihood of purchase and therefore increase revenue.

Definition of routes of

By knowing the traffic flows of people through the facility, the most appropriate evacuation routes can be defined, avoiding the placement of elements that hinder them.

Commercial information for business

Complement to other security analytics already installed in the facility

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