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Video Surveillance Solutions for Retail and Service Stations






With the advent of the internet, consumers today are much more demanding than they were just 5 years ago.

From their mobile phone and from any location, they are able to compare features between products or prices, and know the valuations of other customers.

Despite this trend to the digital world, brands want to remain close to the consumer, so their efforts are aimed at creating an omnichannel strategy in which e-commerce and traditional establishments coexist. Those must become spaces in which to offer “unique experiences” in which customers are the “centre of the universe”.

Technology is redefining this shopping experience and allowing brands to know their customers and their consumption patterns, to the point of even predicting their purchase intentions. Specifically, Artificial Intelligence, the collection and interpretation of data (Big Data), are the basis for offering unique and increasingly personalized experiences to the user.

Attract more customers and understand their behavior, minimize checkout wait times and optimize point-of-sale layout to deliver a unique experience that builds loyalty and increases revenue.

Video surveillance systems not only ensure the security of your assets and prevent shrinkage or fraud, they also allow you to analyze consumer behaviors to maximize the profitability of every square meter of your store.

Are you ready to transform your commerce into a unique experience?

Retail 4.0 experts

María Eugenia Sánchez

María Eugenia Sánchez

Key Account Manager

In today’s fast-paced retail world, security is a top priority. From department stores to chain shops, asset protection, fraud prevention and customer security are crucial to the continued success of the business.

Challenges in retail 4.0

Full protection

Retail needs a single solution to ensure end-to-end security for its entire supply chain, from distribution centers to points of sale. One of its objectives: to reduce theft, fraud or fraudulent claims.

Does your current video system allow you to ensure end-to-end security from a single platform?

Improve customer service

Offering a unique user experience is the best weapon to increase your sales.

Does your video system allow you to get information about your customers and their behaviors?

The power of data

Video Business Intelligence allows you to process data from your CCTV systems, providing a cross-cutting tool for business decision making.

Does your video system provide information to reduce uncertainty and make good decisions?

Video solutions for retail and service stations

More than 25 years creating “turnkey projects” for retail allow us to offer video solutions that go beyond the physical protection of shops.

Manage all video devices from our platform and fully exploit all information from all systems to improve your customers’ experience and maximize your business profitability.


Comprehensive, open and scalable solution

Manage all devices from a single VMS platform and expand your system at any time without additional investment.

Local and centralized management of establishments

View and manage devices, monitor system-wide status, and facilitate investigations from one place at any time.

Video integration with Transactions

Put a face to point-of-sale transactions and provide tangible evidence for fraud prevention. The system is automatic and proactive and alerts you when something needs your attention so you can focus on what really matters.

Forensic search and preventive management

Use advanced search tools to locate any person or vehicle and reduce forensic time and costs for rapid response.

Get information from your customers

Know the behavior of your users, establish consumption patterns, and evaluate the results of your commercial actions thanks to the information collected by your video system.

Business Intelligence

Your system will collect and simplify all the information coming from your users and their behavior patterns.

Can you imagine optimizing your management by making decisions based on objective data collected by video surveillance systems?

Video Surveillance in Retail
Adding value to your business

SCATI’s video surveillance systems guarantee the security of your facilities, but also allow you to optimize the distribution of your business, optimize the minimum stock, know the behavior of your customers and maximize the profitability of your investment.

Our VMS SCATI VISION will allow you to improve your processes, resolve any incident in record time and optimize the allocation of your resources thanks to the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in your systems.

Who benefits?

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in our video systems makes them a transversal and necessary tool for any company.

Data, measurements and information from video surveillance systems can be used by other areas of the company to optimize procedures, improve customer knowledge or increase turnover.

Discover how video technology enables you to ensure security, optimize your resources and maximize the profitability of your facility.


Maintain control of the security of all your facilities and provide tools for your team to respond quickly to incidents.


Improve and streamline processes, resolve any issues and ensure full traceability of goods.

Commercial Marketing

Know your customers, detect their consumption patterns and offer them the best experience to increase sales.


Optimize stocks and procurement orders thanks to intelligent inventory management.


Establish shifts and schedules of your employees according to the production needs of each moment.

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Intelligent video surveillance solutions for Retail 4.0

Intelligent video surveillance solutions for Retail 4.0

With the advent of the Internet, consumers today are much more demanding than they were just 5 years ago. From their cell phones and from anywhere, they are able to compare product features, prices and know the ratings of other customers. This digitalization has...

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