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Facial Recognition Systems



Today it is considered the most natural of all biometrics, and is that we do not recognize ourselves by looking at our fingerprints or iris, but by looking at our face.

The incorporation of facial recognition algorithms in video surveillance systems opens up a world of possibilities, both for security and for the operation of a business.

Facial recognition systems detect, identify and process images of individuals, while making them “anonymous” by transforming them into sequences of zeros and ones, in order to exploit the information from the captured images to the maximum.

With SCATI, thanks to this technology, you will be able to segment the profile of your public by gender and age, identify your VIP clients and offer them a differential treatment. It will also be possible to control the access of your employees and visitors, authorizing or denying access to certain areas or others, or even prevent identity theft anonymously. All of this in compliance with current data protection regulations.

Do you want to have information about who accesses your facilities?

Open, comprehensive and scalable

Incorporate as many facial recognition devices as you need. Your needs may change, but you can manage everything from a single video platform.

Centralized management

The system allows you to create, update and manage databases centrally to simplify daily operations.

Proactive system

When a person is identified, the security officers will receive an automatic alarm with the associated image or video, and the corresponding action protocol will be activated.

Advanced Forensic Search

Locate any person in seconds through advanced search filters (faces, names, IDs, etc.) or reference images. Get all the information about your accesses and exits of the facilities.


The communication between the control centre and the installations is bidirectional, so the information is fluid and updated automatically.

Business Intelligence

With the information collected, a business intelligence system is exploited, accessible by other departments of the organization. They will use the information to produce reports, improve security and business insight.

other solutions


Complement your system with the latest in body temperature measurement and mask detection to ensure safe environments for infection prevention.


Discover our solutions for contactless access control based on facial recognition systems.

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case studies

Santander Bank Financial City (Spain)

Access control by facial authentication in the corporate environment. The solution is completed with a body temperature measurement system and mask detection to allow access.

Excellence in hospital care (Mexico)

The systems identify patients in order to offer them more personalized and differential care.

Combat identity theft in branches (Mexico)

The system detects persons entering its branches so that, if they have previously committed illegal acts, a notification is sent to the control center.

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