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Video Surveillance Solutions for Critical Infrastructures

Intelligent video security systems for critical infrastructure

Technology that evolves every day

Attacking Critical Infrastructures is the most desired target for terrorists and cyber attackers, hence governments and intelligence services establish strategic lines of action to ensure their protection.

As attacks evolve, technology needs to stay one step ahead to quickly detect, prevent, and respond to any security threat.

Having a platform capable of continually evolving and adapting to change is essential to protect essential facilities that ensure the well-being of society.

Do you need to have an infrastructure capable of evolving day by day?

Infrastructure Security Challenges

Change in threats

There are more and more devices, tools and equipment connected thanks to the Internet (IoT).

It doesn’t matter where the attack comes from. Investing in technologies that allow physical and cyber security to converge to detect and eliminate threats is essential to ensure the total protection of any infrastructure.

Does your current video system use advanced authentication and data encryption tools to protect against vulnerabilities?

Change Management

We are facing an environment that is constantly evolving.

Having an open platform, capable of adapting to changing needs and allowing the reuse of cameras or adding and integrating third-party devices is essential to continue evolving.

Is your video system capable of adapting to change?

Critical Infrastructure Challenges

The intelligent transformation of the video system converts images into data.

With information from video surveillance systems, decision making becomes easier to deal with any future threats.

Does your video system provide information to reduce uncertainty and make good decisions?

Video solutions for critical infrastructure

SCATI offers an open video platform capable of integrating with other systems and evolving and adapting to any future scenario without the need for additional investment.

Manage all video devices from our platform and fully exploit all the information coming from video systems to improve and optimize resources, automate processes and minimize security risks.

Comprehensive, open and scalable solution

Manage all devices from a single VMS platform and simplify operational management for your staff. The solution is open and scalable, so it can be integrated with other systems and grow at any time without additional investment.

Local and centralised management of installations

View and manage devices, monitor system-wide status, and facilitate investigations from one place at any time.

High availability and redundancy

Your images, data and storage will be continuously accessible, even in the most critical situations where servers may lose connection.

Forensic search and preventive management

Advanced search tools are available to locate any person or vehicle and reduce the time to respond quickly to any incident.

Proactive responses

Program alerts and define responses to any circumstance, access images from anywhere and share information with other agencies if you require additional support, increasing the efficiency of your facilities.

Business Intelligence

Your system will collect the information associated with the images so that your entire organization can make decisions to stay ahead of any threats.

video surveillance for Critical Installations

SCATI’s intelligent video systems guarantee the integral security of your installations and will allow you to establish action protocols that eliminate threats and guarantee total protection of your installations.

Our VMS will allow you to improve your processes, resolve any incident in record time and optimize the allocation of your resources thanks to the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in your systems.

Who benefits?

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in our video systems makes them a transversal and necessary tool for any company.

Data, measurements and information from video surveillance systems can be used by other areas of the company to optimize procedures, improve customer knowledge or increase turnover.

Discover how video technology enables you to ensure security, optimize your resources and maximize the profitability of your facility.


Maintain control of the security of your entire facility and provide tools to enable your team to respond quickly to incidents.


Centrally monitor all your facilities, even remote ones, and speed investigation times to detect and prevent attacks.


Having a comprehensive security platform will save you time in keeping fewer systems up to date.


Monitor processes, even under the most adverse conditions, and make decisions to improve efficiency.


Establish shifts and schedules of your employees according to the production needs of each moment.

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