Early detection of temperature changes

Body temperature monitoring or thermography



Thermography is a technique that allows to determine the body temperature of a person or object at a distance, through thermal cameras. If an abnormal temperature is detected, the system automatically sends an alarm.

By using SCATI’s solutions, your operators will receive accurate and predictive alerts along with visualization of the event that triggered the alert at the right time, so they can spend their time on what really matters.

With the incorporation of thermography in your video surveillance systems, you will have a versatile solution with multiple applications of use.

Applications of use

Perimeter protection

The perimeter is the first line of defense of any facility. Keeping intruders away, detecting anomalous situations and preventing unauthorized persons from moving freely around your premises are the top priorities for any security manager.

Fire detection and prevention

Thermal imaging cameras are capable of detecting fires burning flammable gases or liquids with no visible flame, allowing real-time alerts to be sent to prevent incidents before they occur or become uncontrollable.

Temperature control in industrial processes

Temperature control avoids accidents or production stoppages, minimizing personal or economic losses.

Body Temperature Measurement and COVID-19 Related Measurements

Prevent access by people who could put the health of other users at risk by using highly accurate body temperature measurement systems.

Along with the alarm, operators receive the thermal and optical image provided simultaneously by the camera, the temperature data and a marking of who has triggered the alarm, so they can respond quickly.

Open, comprehensive and scalable

Manage multiple security systems under a single solution: access control, anti-intrusion systems, fire, etc.

Accurate and reliable

Minimize false alarms caused by light and shadow changes in the scene by combining thermography with dedicated video analytics.


Upon detection of an anomalous temperature, those responsible receive an automatic alarm with the associated image and/or video, and the corresponding action protocol is activated.

24/7/365 viewing

Thermal technology allows you to view images under any light, weather and environmental conditions so you don’t miss any detail of what’s happening.

Dual Spectrum Cameras

Dual lens cameras where thermal technology is combined with the usual visible spectrum technology. Get excellent short- and long-range detection rates while providing highly detailed images to verify what happened.

Business Intelligence

Your system will collect the information associated with the images so that your entire organization can make decisions to stay ahead of any threats.

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case studies


VALE (Brazil)

Las cámaras térmicas detectan pequeñas variaciones temperaturas en los diques de contención de las represas de agua, para alertar sobre filtraciones u otros daños en el dique que puedan acarrear su rotura, con las consecuencias que ello puede tener para la población circundante.

Port of Itapoá (Brazil)

La tecnología térmica detecta pequeñas embarcaciones merodeando alrededor de los buques amarrados, para evitar robos u otros actos no deseados, en situaciones climatológicas adversas.

Samarco (Brazil)

Para prevenir el contagio de enfermedades la compañía instala en su fábrica sistemas de medición de temperatura corporal inteligentes que avisan en caso de que alguno de sus trabajadores supere una temperatura corporal superior a 37ºC

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