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Video Surveillance Solutions for Healthcare and Hospital Security

Video surveillance security systems for healthcare

Mitigating Risks in Healthcare

Today, our hospitals find themselves in a maelstrom rarely seen before, and when it comes to physical security, hospitals and healthcare facilities face a unique set of challenges.

The large number of people flowing through its facilities, the increased severity of the self-protection protocols of workers (healthcare staff, assistants, administrative staff, etc.), the use of material resources and products of great monetary value and, additionally, the need to continue providing good care to patients, mean that our hospitals need to equip themselves with technological and procedural resources that allow them to have a much safer environment and with tools that facilitate decision-making at key moments.

Do you want to offer the best care to your patients with maximum safety?

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Challenges in hospital safety

Change in threats

Hospitals are on the front lines of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, while also having to protect against more traditional threats.

Investment in cybersecure technologies is the only weapon in the fight against cybercrime, which causes millions in financial losses for hospitals.

Does your current video system provide the necessary tools to protect against physical and cyber threats?

Return on investment

The choice of a video surveillance system represents an important investment that involves many areas of your institution.

The system should not only increase the safety of the installations. In addition, it should help to effectively control costs and monitor and refine performance protocols.

Does your video system provide benefits for all areas of your hospital?

The power of data

Video Business Intelligence allows managers, through dashboards, to process data from CCTV systems to monitor, evaluate and optimize internal procedures, the quality of patient care and the use of human and material resources.

Does your video system provide information to reduce uncertainty and make good decisions?

Video solutions for healthcare

More than 25 years designing professional video solutions for large corporations have allowed us to develop the video management platform (VMS) that evolves and adapts to the changing needs of hospital centers.

Manage all video devices centrally from our platform and get the most out of your CCTV system with our advanced video management tools.


Comprehensive, open and scalable solution

Manage all devices from a single VMS platform and flexibly expand your system at any time.

Patient Monitoring

Monitor the most critical patients in real time so your healthcare staff can manage their time more efficiently.

Traceability and tracking

Track any assets, medical equipment and property and know where they are at all times, reducing the cost of asset replacement.

Maps and Plans

Speed up the resolution of incidents through the use of customized maps and plans of your facilities, with a more interactive operation, focusing the investigations in the areas considered of interest.

Forensic search and preventive management

Advanced search and management tools are available to optimize forensic work and provide a quick response, reducing time and associated costs.

Business Intelligence for decision making

Your system will collect information from intelligent image analytics, so that your entire enterprise can make decisions that improve daily operations and optimize processes.

Video surveillance for healthcare:
adding value to your business

The 24/7/365 nature of hospitals requires extra attention when it comes to choosing the most appropriate security measures.

Our video management platform will enable you to ensure your security, but also help you improve your processes, resolve any incidents in record time, achieve effective cost control and monitor and refine protocols. All this is possible thanks to the use of the data that the different components of the system can provide to decision makers for better decision making.

Who benefits?

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in our video systems makes them a transversal and necessary tool for any company.

Data, measurements and information from video surveillance systems can be used by other areas of your institution to improve procedures, enhance patient care and optimize staff resources.

Discover how video technology enables you to ensure security, optimize your resources and maximize the profitability of your facility.


Have comprehensive knowledge of the status of your facilities at all times and provide your team with powerful tools for rapid incident response.

Operational Management

Control access for your employees and other suppliers, and set up shifts and schedules to match the demand for services at any given time.


Optimize staff resources by monitoring patients using video technology.


Ensure the safety of your facilities, patients and visitors from a single video management platform.


Quantify your return on investment and make decisions with real, objective data.

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Case studies


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Excelencia en la atención hospitalaria a paciente gracias a los sistemas de vídeo inteligente.

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Protección total hospital Jamaica

CNIC Carlos III (Spain)

Sistemas integrales de control de accesos y videovigilancia de última generación

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