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SCATI SENTRY is a systems integration platform, oriented to provide our clients with an integral solution through which they can manage in a simple, efficient and unified way all the information coming from different subsystems, whether they are security or building control subsystems.

Designed and developed entirely by SCATI, SENTRY is capable of unifying in a single user interface the most relevant information from all subsystems, as well as offering interaction functions between them.

Integrating and unifying systems such as CCTV, Intrusion, Perimeter Detection, Fire and industrial systems are some of the examples for which SENTRY has been conceived. But it is not only limited to them, it is also possible to integrate HVAC or lighting systems.


SENTRY supports the integration of multiple subsystems from different manufacturers, either through protocols based on market standards or through specific integrations developed ad hoc. In turn, it supports protocols associated with the industrial sector such as Modbus or Bacnet, as well as others related to the IoT world (MQTT, CoAP).

This integrated management allows the creation of action plans for possible incidents, management of the building’s planimetry and integration with Google Maps and Google Street View, with HTTPS (TLS) secure communications.



Each installation is unique and therefore its needs in terms of the integration of its different subsystems must be adapted to each project.

Our SCATI SENTRY systems integration platform offers you the complete solution you need to manage your entire installation from a single application, guaranteeing you complete control of it, offering you a rapid response in case of incidents.

Take the leap towards a new concept of integral management of your facilities.

The PRO edition of SENTRY is oriented to the local control of medium and large buildings, in which there is a set of subsystems to be integrated.

SENTRY provides the necessary set of tools to specifically meet the highest demands in terms of system integration.

The CORPORATE edition of SENTRY is aimed at large corporations where centralized (multi-site) control offers competitive advantages and simplifies operational tasks.

It offers monitoring and control services for all buildings from a unified user interface, as well as centralized data management and storage.

hardware devices

The SMC-SENTRY Master Controller performs the functions of gateway between the SDIO-12 series signal multiplexers and the SCATI SENTRY management software, with advanced processing and storage capabilities, it has the ability to make decisions based on its own content, without the need for connection to the Server.

It offers a complete set of functionalities for efficient management and control of SDIO-12 series multiplexers (up to 16), through a dedicated communications bus.

The SDIO-12 Multiplexer module is designed to capture field sensor information through its digital and analog input channels. It has 12 protected digital inputs, as well as 12 relay outputs, through which actions can be commanded on the control elements.

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