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Canfranc Estación Hotel(Spain)


Total protection in a luxury hotel located in a property declared of Cultural Interest

Lanzarote Aerodrome (Spain)


Control of the facility for patient and staff safety

Schmitz CargoBull (Spain)


Complete security for theft prevention and access control

Targobank (Spain)


Access control and customer classification

Teruel Hospital (Spain)


Control of the facility for patient and staff safety

UPS Barcelona (Spain)


Securing bank offices

Zaragoza Water Treatment Plant 


24-hour surveillance and alert system for access to the site

Warner Park Madrid (Spain)

Access control to the park and calculation of visitor's stay time

BNI Bank (Indonesia)


Securing bank offices

Santander Mexico

Facial recognition in bank branches to combat identity theft.


Centralized security of more than 1000 locations (offices and ATMs) and integrated with intrusion system

Itaú Brazil

Business video analytics for banking agencies and data mining through Business

Santander Spain

Centralized security of more than 500 displaced ATMs

BBVA Colombia

Reducing ATM fraud through video integration with Transaction Monitoring

Mi Teleferico (Bolivia)

Integration of video with transactions in ticket vending machines.

B. Santander Financial City (Spain)

Integral management of the CCTV system and integration with intrusion and access systems.

BBVA Argentina Headquarter

Integral corporate security in Buenos Aires.

BBVA Peru Headquarter

Integral Corporate Protection. Biometric access control with body temperature measurement and license plate recognition in parking lots.

Logistics operator (Spain)

Monitoring of the stowage process by 4K cameras

Multinational Company (Mexico)

Centralized management of logistics plants

NACEX (Spain)

Traceability of goods in automatic classification systems.

Pharmaceutical company (Spain)

Traceability of pharmaceutical products

Automotive industry (Spain)

Supervision of production processes

Vehicle access using LPR (Spain)

Centralized vehicle access management through LPR system

Meliá Hotels (Worldwide)

More than 15 years protecting the chain's hotels

Casino Gran Vía Madrid (Spain)

Resolving customer disputes through high video quality

Breathless Riviera Cancun Res. & Spa (Mexico)

More than 300 cameras ensuring your guests' peace of mind

Duty-free Egyptair (Egypt)

Centralized protection of duty-free stores at airports Egypt

Makro (Colombia)

Local and centralized protection of large warehouses

Movistar (Mexico)

Centralized management of more than 100 customer service centers with limited bandwidth.

Military Police Bahia (Brazil)

Ministry of Interior (United Arab Emirat.)
National Police (Spain)
Laverie automatique Beni Amir (Morocco)

Identification and resolution of incidents through image resolution

Tufanbeyli Enerjise thermal power plant (Turkey)

Identification and resolution of incidents through image resolution

SIBO solar power plant (Guatemala)

Anti-intrusion perimeter protection of the largest solar plant in Central America

South Valley College (Egypt)

Protection of university campuses of more than 18 faculties with the most advanced technologies in CCTV systems.

Public schools in São Paulo State (Brazil)

Protection of almost 1,600 public schools in São Paulo through more than 8,000 video surveillance cameras.

Jules Verne School (Guatemala)

Protection of the campus of one of the most prestigious schools in Guatemala.

Hospital in Mexico

Excellence in hospital patient care.

Hospital in Jamaica

Total hospital protection Jamaica

CNIC Carlos III (Spain)

Integral access control and video surveillance systems of the latest generation.

Mi Teleferico (Bolivia)

Protecting the world's most extensive aerial cable transport.

District Telefónica (Spain)

Centralized security of more than 1000 locations (offices and ATMs) and integrated with intrusion system

King Abdullah Projects (Saudi Arabia)

Business video analytics for banking agencies and data mining through Business

Ejea de los caballeros (Spain)

CCTV system for the protection of the city, with cameras with analytics such as LPR, in buildings and public spaces, as well as in the main streets and entrances to the city.

Asiut and Menia (Egypt)

CCTV solution for monitoring the city's most dangerous public areas

Riyad (Saudi Arabia)

Urban video surveillance solution, with centralized monitoring of all cameras distributed throughout the city.

B. Santander Financial City (Spain)

Access control by facial authentication in corporate environments. The solution is completed with a body temperature measurement system and mask detection to allow access.

Excellence in medical care (Mexico)

The systems identify patients in order to offer them more personalized and differential care.

Combat identity theft (Mexico)

The system detects persons entering its branches so that, if they have previously committed illegal acts, a notification is sent to the control center.

Bank (Mexico)

Supervision of bank commercial teams to prevent internal fraud.

BBVA Colombia

Reducing ATM fraud through video integration with Transaction Monitoring and use of SCATI CASH

Mi Teleferico (Bolivia)

Reducing ATM fraud through video integration with Transaction Monitoring and use of SCATI CASH

NACEX (Spain)

Parcel traceability in automatic sorting systems with centralized management of logistics centers

CINFA Laboratories (Spain)

Monitoring of the picking areas by cameras. This integration allows the WMS to trace the position of each container tray and index it with the video, facilitating the search for images associated with each package and by any parameter (EAN code, expiration date, etc.), guaranteeing the traceability and origin of the medicines manufactured.

Integra2 (Spain)

Integration and synchronization of the video system with the package management subsystem.

VALE (Brazil)

Thermal cameras detect small temperature variations in the containment dams of water reservoirs to warn of leaks or other damage to the dam that could lead to its rupture, with the consequences that this could have for the surrounding population.

Port of Itapoá (Brazil)

Thermal technology detects small vessels loitering around moored vessels to prevent theft or other unwanted acts in adverse weather conditions.]

Samarco (Brazil)

To prevent the spread of diseases, the company installs intelligent body temperature measurement systems in its factory that warn if any of its workers exceeds a body temperature of 37ºC.

Hospitality and Catering

Automatic occupancy tracking in self-service spaces

Shopping and leisure centres

Capacity control in establishments with multiple entrances and exits

Crowd events

Compliance with current legislation on capacity at all times and in all situations.

Optimisation of product positioning

Store owners can use technology to understand the types of products that are most popular in stores and where the hot spots are to increase the likelihood of purchase and therefore increase revenue.

Definition of routes of

Thanks to the knowledge of the flow of people through the facility, the most appropriate evacuation routes can be defined, avoiding the placement of elements that hinder them.

Commercial information for business

Complement to other security analytics already installed in the facility


Automated parking management in corporate facilities with access to more than 200 vehicles per day through license plate recognition systems.

Centralized management of vehicle access through LPR (Spain)

Integration of license plate reading systems with SAP logistics module to control the access of authorized vehicles and the exit of goods from various logistics platforms.

RedTortuga Gas Stations (Spain)

Eliminate fraudulent use of discount cards for non-members. The system checks if the license plate matches the associated card and enables the fuel pump quickly and automatically.

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