Logistics operator monitors its stevedoring process through 4K video cameras.

Apr 15, 2021

The operator visualizes and records the loading and unloading of trailer trucks at the docks with high image resolution.

This logistics company has almost a dozen cross-docking distribution centers where it has implemented this system for monitoring the stowage process using 4K video surveillance cameras.

To improve the operation of its cross-docking platforms and, specifically, to improve the stowage process, the logistics company installed 4K video cameras that visualize and record, with high image resolution, the entire loading and unloading process of the trailer trucks on the docks.

Occasionally there were "incidents" (cargo was hit, dropped, packages lost, etc.) that could create a conflict of responsibilities between the parties involved.

To guarantee the quality of the processes and to have forensic evidence of the conditions in which the goods leave the facilities, the logistics company has opted to install a CCTV system based on 4K resolution cameras.

4K videosurveillance camera

These 4K cameras offer great image quality thanks to their 8 MPX and allow to visualize and record the entire process with a high level of detail. The resolution of these cameras even allows you to see the labels of each product with great clarity.


To supervise the stowage process, generally, one camera is installed for every two loading and unloading docks.

With bullet format, these cameras incorporate illuminating range and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) to offer great image quality under any lighting conditions.

Each logistics platform is equipped with a SCATI FENIX video recorder to record the images from the cameras that monitor the stowage.

Supervision of loading and unloading trucks at the dock stevedoring process

These video recorders store images and videos for 30 days, the maximum time allowed by current Spanish law.

SCATI FENIX recording systems compress high-resolution images from 8K cameras using H.265 algorithms, resulting in significant savings in the storage of recorded video.

On the other hand, this video compression allows to reduce the bandwidth required for the transmission of the IP video stream to the remote locations from where the solution is managed.

The logistics company already had a centralized video management system. Therefore, in the event of any incident, it can locate the exact moment in the process of loading and unloading trucks, obtain high quality images and resolve any incident in a matter of seconds, regardless of the platform where the incident occurs.


With the implementation of SCATI's CCTV system, the logistics operator can monitor and locate the images associated with any goods during the process in a fast and secure way.

The high image quality offered by these cameras makes it possible to clarify any incident through the detailed visualization of the images so that incidents are resolved in real time. And, in addition, they can download the video and share it with agencies that require forensic evidence of the facts.

SCATI's video management platform allows you to view and manage all devices and cameras, monitor the status of the entire system, and facilitate investigations from a single location at any time.

The high availability of SCATI's recording systems allows the customer to access images, data, and storage even in the most critical situations where servers may go offline.

SCATI offers an open and scalable solution that can be integrated with other systems so that the customer can incorporate new video systems at any time without making additional investments.

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