Luxury Resort in Mexico trust SCATI’s systems

Mar 16, 2022


Luxury resort in Cancun implements SCATI’s systems

The hotel, located between the Caribbean Sea and the lagoon of Bahia Petempich, is one of the best resorts in Cancun and has two buildings and sections in the shape of a horseshoe, each with its own personality and ambiance.

In order to offer its guests the best conditions, the hotel has invested in a complete video surveillance system that incorporates thermography and license plate recognition systems. This resort has nothing to envy to any critical infrastructure and more than 300 video surveillance cameras ensure the safety of its guests.


This is a newly built hotel complex that has quickly become one of the major references in the sector in Mexico.

To meet all the requirements of this ambitious project, SCATI has worked hand in hand with one of its trusted integrators.

Since the opening of this hotel took place during the pandemic, thermographic solutions have been incorporated into the project, specifically to protect the main entrances as well as the common areas of the complex.

Our thermography systems are able to measure body temperature with high accuracy and send an alarm when a subject exceeds the desirable temperature previously set. Along with this alarm, operators receive a thermal and optical image that is simultaneously provided by our cameras, the temperature data and the marking of who has triggered the alarm in order to be able to respond quickly to the incident.

In addition, this resort included a license plate recognition (LPR) system to better serve its guests and simplify their stay at the hotel. Our license plate recognition systems make it possible to automate and control the entry and exit of vehicles to and from the facilities. In this way, vehicles passing through the complex can be kept under control. This is very beneficial for the hotel complex, both in terms of security and business improvement.

With these analytics, our video systems detect the vehicle, send an alarm and compare the image with the database housed in the video recorder, activating the corresponding action protocol automatically. In this way, if a VIP client accesses the hotel facilities, he can be given personalized treatment from the very first moment, thus improving his stay and, therefore, his satisfaction.

cctvThe security installation of the complex is completed with the installation of more than 300 cameras. Among them, 234 outdoor Minidomo IP cameras predominate, which are perfect for both low-light scenarios or environments where there is a high contrast of lighting, as they always offer the best image quality thanks to their integrated infrared capable of covering a distance of 10 meters.

Our Minidome series cameras offer basic video analytics such as motion detection, face detection, scene change, line crossing or intrusion among others. In addition, their discreet size makes them ideal for protecting places where customer privacy and intimacy are paramount.


This project has not only secured the hotel facilities by protecting them from vandalism or dangerous situations. Our solutions go beyond security, and incorporate the latest technologies in artificial intelligence to offer tools that improve our clients’ business.

Thanks to our systems, the hotel can obtain information from its guests, know their needs and preferences and therefore, improve their satisfaction during their stay in the complex.

On the other hand, our systems make it possible to obtain relevant and necessary information in every situation. Thanks to our thermographic control systems, we can detect and monitor health risks for our customers, and even prevent people from entering the facilities if they exceed the appropriate temperature.

Together with thermographic control, license plate recognition allows the hotel to control its accesses, thus improving its security and giving them the possibility of giving a differential treatment to certain customers from the first moment of their stay in the complex.

Thanks to SCATI’s solution, one of the most innovative and exclusive hotels in Mexico now has a state-of-the-art CCTV system, with advanced analytics and functionalities, which allows it to guarantee the security and satisfaction of its customers during their stay.

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